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Title: Angels with Clipped Wings
Author Name & Publisher: Stephanie Rabig (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: November 11, 2015


Eli is an angel sent on a routine assignment: help prevent a young woman with depression from taking her own life. But he’s received complaints about the way he’s dealt with previous cases, and so this time he has a supervisor, Adam, watching his every move.

Then they meet Samantha, the woman they’ve been assigned to help, and even Adam cannot easily say that rules should always be followed.

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Note: This contains content that may be triggering for some people (depression, talk of suicide, animal death, and a non-graphic scene of suicide attempt).

This was very definitely not at all what I was expecting. Normally, if I see a book tagged as MMF, I assume it’s probably going to have erotic content, which maybe says a lot about how I’m obviously stereotyping. This story had absolutely no erotic content, and I found it honestly refreshing to read.

Despite the premise (angels protecting a woman from suicide), this was actually cute, sweet, and funny. I loved how the author used humor to open up frank talk about some very real things experienced by bisexual people and those who have mental health needs. Samantha is probably one of my favorite characters, and I could read a whole novel just about her.

Eli and Adam were very sweet, and I liked their chemistry. Since it wasn’t an erotic story, I was okay with the fairly quick pacing of how they all sort of fell for each other. It’s probably the idealist in me, but I found the whole thing heartwarming and like sharing a hug with friends. I know the story was complete, but I would really like to revisit their world. It seems like the three of them could have some terrific adventures ahead of them, maybe helping others like Samantha.

The only thing I wasn’t fond of was that I thought this could have used some tighter editing. Sometimes it felt more like a bit of info-dump, and occasionally it seemed like there were words missing or things were oddly phrased. The end felt a bit rushed and full of explanations that didn’t quite hold together for me.

That said, this is proof that even with a few jagged edges, a great story and characters can overcome a lot. So I’m still giving this a high rating, and I definitely hope to read more from Ms. Rabig.

Amy M.


This story was short and sweet.  There was not much heat or chemistry, but if you’re looking for a YA romance, just starting out, then this is the story for you.
You have Eli and Adam who have been sent to help Sam.  In the beginning, you don’t quite know why they are there, only that they are there to help.  Once everything comes to light, you not only have what Sam is struggling with, but also what Eli is struggling with.
There is a sweetness to this story, but overall, this story is not even really a romance.  I don’t quite know what I would categorize it as, other than young adult.
Also, then you don’t get to see anything evolve.  The story just ends kind of abruptly.

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I love mythology and fairy tales (those form the basis of about 60% of my current projects), Pacific Rim, Firefly, The Avengers, tea, Welcome to Night Vale, and chocolate.

Though I write mostly dark fantasy, my first and main love will always be horror. A few years ago, my grade-school librarian came up to me at work and said it was nice to see me again. I was surprised she recognized me, considering how many kids she’d interacted with over the years, and she laughed. “True, but not many kindergartners come up to my desk wanting to borrow Dracula, dear.”

Basically, I was doomed from the start.


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