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Title: Redeeming Rafe (Barretti Security Series #2)
Author Name: Sloane Kennedy
Publication Date & Length: August 21, 2015 – 153 pgs


He wants revenge against the brothers who betrayed him but first he has to get past the one man he can’t resist…

At the tender age of eight, Rafe Barretti lost everything. His parents, his childhood, his innocence. And the brothers who were supposed to protect him let him go instead. Twenty years later and he’s finally ready to exact his revenge by taking away everything they hold dear – their company, their reputations, their futures. But even that isn’t enough – their loved ones will have to pay too and all their precious secrets are fair game.

Former mercenary Cade Gamble’s only job is to take down the hacker stealing sensitive, private information from Barretti Security Group and Cade is damn good at his job. But there’s more at stake because the co-founders of BSG, Dom and Vin Barretti, are like family and no one touches Cade’s family. The fact that the vengeful young man turns out to be the youngest of the Barretti clan doesn’t matter. But when their tumultuous encounters turn into something more, Cade will have to decide between protecting the only family he has and giving in to his need to save Rafe from himself.

Can Cade help Rafe find redemption so he can forgive the sins of the past or will Rafe’s quest for vengeance destroy them both?

Note: This book contains explicit M/M content and is intended for mature audiences

Although this book is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. No cliffhangers.

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This book was so good!
Rafe is the younger brother to Dom, Vin and Ren. He was taken by his father when he was young and forced to do things that were horrible for money by his father with men. That was a really hard part to read I felt so bad for Rafe for everything he had be through. He was so mad at his brothers blaming them for never coming and saving him when he needed them. He wanted revenge but little did he know that Cade was trailing him.
Cade works for Dom and Vin with the security company and as soon as he laid eyes on Rafe he was attracted to him from the start. The sparks between these two were amazing and the love the feel for each other you could defiantly feel.
You get you angst with this book plus the steam which really was so hot! You also meet a lot of different characters too.
I read this as a stand alone without reading the first book in the series and I did not feel lost at all. I thought the way the author wrote these characters and this story was so good! It grabbed me from the start and I could not put it down until the end.

All together I really loved this book!
I would recommend this book!



This book begins where book 1 leaves off.  You have this connection with the brothers that Kennedy creates and in this book, the connection only becomes stronger.

I really enjoyed Cade in this story.  He was a strong, alpha male at times, but during other parts, he was less alpha, but still all male.  His relationship with the Barretti brothers is one of loyalty, steadfast love.  He respects the brothers a lot and would do anything for them.

Then you have Rafe.  He was the brother whom Dom, Ren and Vin thought they lost.  Struggling to survive his childhood horrors, Rafe sets out to not only exact revenge on his brothers but on anyone that his brothers consider family.  Feeling left behind, vengeful and full of hate, Rafe allows Cade to come close enough to warn his brothers that Rafe is coming for them.

This is an emotional story of forgiveness, love, compassion and grace.  Cade and Rafe have hot chemistry and they create a relationship that not only works for them, but that is able to blend in with the other Barretti clan.

So, this broken family with so much pain begins to mend.  I can’t wait to see what’s next!


So, I started this series backward. LOL. I read Saving Ren first, which I fell in love with, and since Rafe’s story was mentioned in Saving Ren, I was curious enough to go back and read book 2.
Book 2 is about how Rafe shows up to disrupt the Barretti’s lives. He’s the youngest brother and he felt abandoned by his older brothers when they never came for him after their abusive father took off with him. They promised to get him, but they never did. What he didn’t realize was that they tried and tried and never gave up. He hacked into their computers, got some incriminating information and planned to “expose” them for revenge. Rafe really suffered when he was with his father. He was abused, raped, prostituted…and so on. I felt for the guy.
Cade, a bodyguard who works for Rafe’s siblings security company falls for him. It happened pretty fast actually. I liked Cade. He was tough, rough, but gentle with Rafe. Rafe…I wasn’t as connected with him though I was rooting for their Happily Ever After. The plot was simple and didn’t get resolved until the end. Someone was gunning for Rafe and we don’t know who til the end. The bad guy wasn’t even a big part of the story til the end though. It was more of Cade trying to love on Rafe, trying to heal his hurts. I gave this 3 1/2 STARS cause it felt unfinished. Like there should have been more interactions with the bad guy, with Rafe’s brothers…but there wasn’t.
I’ll read more of this author’s works in the future though. 🙂


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When Sloane Kennedy is not doing her “grown-up” job you can find her writing about strong, passionate and slightly damaged men and women who are looking for love, even though they don’t always know it. She lives in Wisconsin (where it is usually either too cold or too hot for her!) with 2 dogs and 3 (incredibly spoiled) cats.

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