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Title: Season’s Meetings
Author Name & Publisher: Amy Dunne (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: December 15, 2014 – 264 pgs


Could the festive road trip from hell actually lead to love?

Catherine Birch is a lonely workaholic who hates Christmas. This year, she is being forced to celebrate with her best friend’s family in the Highlands of Scotland. Having missed her flight, Catherine reluctantly ventures on a road trip with beautiful stranger Holly Daniels.

Although polar opposites, the intense attraction between them is unmistakable. Just as Catherine begins to think spending Christmas with Holly might not be so bad, a raging snowstorm leaves them stranded in the middle of nowhere. Huddled together, with little chance of rescue, they forge a pact: if they escape, they’ll make this a Christmas to remember. But will it be remembered for the right reasons?

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I was excited for this book from the moment I read the synopsis and it definitely didn’t disappoint! I found Catherine to be an interesting if not somewhat eccentric character from the beginning and couldn’t wait to see what kind of messes she could get herself into. When Holly entered the picture I knew this author had produced a match made in opposites-attracting heaven. From the first meeting this pair left me grinning and shaking my head.

Well written with a good plot the story flowed well and didn’t stall out leaving me bored and wanting the next zing. Punctuated with several ‘oh no!’ moments which left me chewing my lip and praying these two women would get their acts together. I couldn’t put it down. The depth of each character and their individual personalities was wonderful and beautifully developed. I really bonded with them through the story, feeling each and every bump, hurdle and close call right along with them.

Well formatted and easy to follow I would definitely recommend this book to my friends!



Let’s face it, I’m a sucker for a good romance. This one was sweet and an easy read. There were a couple things I’m going to mention though. They might be considered spoilers but I’m going to try to talk vaguely enough that it doesn’t ruin things for anybody. First, it’s integral to the story that Catherine get in the car. I don’t think she would. You’re talking about someone who has a phobia about driving, about riding in a car, and especially about riding in a car in bad weather. She considers the car a death trap because of the way it looks and the way it sounds. I just don’t buy that she’d do something so against what’s normal for her just because she thinks Holly is sexy. I suppose that’s a matter of opinion, and truly, it doesn’t really spoil the story, just makes you realize that it’s a little forced.

I love the time they spend together when they get stuck. It was extremely romantic, and interesting how thoughtful they were to each other. Definitely a sign that both were attracted. Things fall apart for me again when they get to Beth and her wife’s house. First there’s the promise Catherine made to Beth way back in uni. I don’t understand why she doesn’t just tell Holly about it. Oh, I guess at the end she does tell us that it was more because the speed and intensity scared her, but she was adamant that Beth not know anything about the two of them. I don’t blame Holly for being hurt, but her reaction seems a bit over the top.

Then we have the two strangers that Beth has set Catherine and Holly up with. Again, speak up so you don’t have to go through with this farce. Not only that, but if Catherine’s “date” was so horrendous, and even I thought so based on the description, how could anybody at the house believe Catherine was interested in her. Holly overreacts again, but the way she acted with her “date,” I don’t exactly understand where she was coming from. She certainly made Catherine jealous but again, the way she acted the next day was kind of extreme. The only good thing about it is that it made Catherine finally wise up that she was going to lose out on something that could be really good.

None of that really interfered with my enjoyment of the story. Just things I think about more as I read books now. It’s a sappy holiday romance, and I really enjoy both sappy and romantic.

Amy P.


To call his novel “just a romance” would minimise the actual, strengths, passions and emotions the author brings to her work.
Her two main characters are both brought to life in an interesting and action packed journey home for Christmas. The author continues relating the ups and downs of this romance once the women have returned home.
I particularly liked the way the author rounded up this feel good novel with such a suitable and apt ending.
Anyone looking for an uplifting read, a seasonal stocking filler or just a well written adventure romance, then this is the book for you.  Although a seasonal novel this little gem can be appreciated any time of the year.


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Amy was raised in Derbyshire, England. She attended Keele University and graduated in 2007 with a BSc in philosophy and psychology. After graduating, she worked for a while with vulnerable young people until she moved on to deliver training and educational courses. She is currently in the process of setting up her own speech writing business aptly named, Gift of the Gab. She and her lovely partner Lou celebrated their Civil Partnership at the start of this year. They share a love of Dolly Parton and live with their two gorgeous cats and very naughty puppy.

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