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Title: Son of Santa (Sleigh Ride – 2015 Advent Calendar)
Author Name & Publisher: Kate Sands (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: December 1, 2015 – 53 pgs


Noel Nicholas is on a sabbatical from the North Pole realm. Back home he’s known as the Son of Santa, but in the human world, he’s a university student and he likes living in anonymity. Only Ruby, his cupid friend from the Eros realm, knows his true identity. That is, until Fannar, the gorgeous ice-sprite from the Pole, shows up unexpectedly. This causes Noel’s suppressed and unrequited crush on Fannar to return full force. However, there are more pressing matters at hand—Noel’s father has taken an extended vacation but cannot be found, and there’s only a month until Christmas.

As Noel is finishing his semester at school and he hasn’t seen his father in months, Mrs. Claus has tasked Fannar with finding Santa. Fannar keeps in touch with Noel but comes around far more often than necessary. It’s not helping Noel’s ability to hide his feelings… but as it turns out, they may not be as one-sided as Noel originally believed.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Advent Calendar package “Sleigh Ride”.

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I really loved this book. What first drew me was the cover and the title. The cover art was great and I’ve always loved son of Santa movies so I thought a son of Santa book would be very interesting.

The author takes a different spin on the Christmas spirit and how Santa works. Her concept and ideas were brilliant. I really loved it and it was easily understandable. She weaves this realm in the North Pole so well it comes to life and you feel like you’re there. Even though the story does not take place in the North Pole you get a real feel for it. Put on your parka when you read this story – it does get chilly. Must be that North Pole Arctic wind.

The idea of the son of Santa wanting to take a sabbatical and basically put Christmas on hold for four years while he’s at university is hilarious. It’s so funny and such a great idea. If you put yourself in his shoes having to live with Christmas 24/7 all your life, yeah, I would want to take a sabbatical for a while too.

The relationship of the main characters was very sweet. It was wonderful and breathtaking and suspenseful. You are left not knowing, until the end, if Noel was going to say yes to a relationship or not.

I also love how the author describes Winnipeg. She really makes it come to life I thought I could see my own breath.

I highly recommend this book. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars. It was a wonderful holiday story. If you too love son of Santa movies, holiday movies or Santa movies then you will definitely love this book.



So to be honest this story really did not grab me at all unfortunately and parts of this really dragged for me sadly. Noel is Santa’s son and he leaves home to attend a university. Now I have to say I really was not a fan of his character at all. He just came across as a jerk to me for some reason, especially with the way he treats Fannar. I did really like Fannar’s character though, which made me feel so bad for him with the way Noel treated him.

I did really like the authors pretense of this story and this world the author created.

So I will leave this review with…I am sad to say this novella was just not for me.



This is my first book by this author and I’m not usually one for fantasy and magic but I enjoyed this book. Ms. Sands writing style was very easy to read and the characters amazing. Yes, Noel was very grumpy and rude but it just added to the story. My biggest complaint was that I felt there were many things left out of the story. This was overall a pretty good book. I would defiantly like to see what this author could do with a full length novel.



This was in interesting little novella with a holiday spin. I liked they way we learn about Santa’s unmentioned son and the way he is tired of the high standards expected of him in the North Pole.
Watching Noel take on some of his responsibilities and seeing the joy it brought him was really sweet and fun.
I felt like the story could have easily been expanded into a longer one because there were dynamics between the two main characters that came off a bit harsh at times, but I think it was simply because we didn’t get to see more of the story from life on the Pole and what caused the hardship between them more descriptively.
I did like the way Noel was a bit rough and jaded because of his position that he didn’t particularly want, but had no way to really get away from at the same time. The way he sort of softened for Fannar was sweet even though it took a bit to get there.
I would read more from this author for sure.


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Kate Sands grew up in a small, rural town on the Canadian Prairies. She developed a love of reading and writing at a young age, becoming completely enamored with the craft of storytelling. It wasn’t until she grew up and left small town life behind, moving on to the Big City, before she truly understood what diversity was and what it could be. She still reads a variety of fiction, but concentrates writing in the LGBTQA+ genre in an effort to add to that diversity. She hopes that these kinds of stories will reach someone, somewhere, in a way she missed out on in her earlier years.


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