4 Stars for Yuletide Yearning: Wheel of the Year by Trevor Knight – #MM #Holiday


Title: Yuletide Yearning: Wheel of The Year
Author Name: Trevor Knight
Publication Date & Length: December 25, 2014 – 58pgs


Naysayer David gets dragged into a Yule Ritual with enthusiastic witch Nick, but plans go awry from a mischievous spirit and the two find out what true magic can be.

Yule is a time of cheer, laughter, and hope for many witches, but not so for David. Sullen and secretive, David is stuck with an overly chipper witch named Nick to officiate a Yule Ritual for their coven. Things take an unexpected turn when a mischievous Yule spirit named Tristan starts to heat things up between David and Nick. Will brooding David open up and find the true meaning of Yule in Nick, in Tristan, or somewhere in between the two?

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Although I started out reading this book a bit hesitant since I’m not really big into witches… Not to mention the first scene is, er, well, risque so to speak. However, I’m glad that I stuck with it.
David isn’t a big fan of the holidays because something he doesn’t talk to anyone about happened a few years ago. Too bad he got stuck with the overly excited Nick to prepare for the Yule Ritual for their coven.
It doesn’t take long for the pair to meet a sexy stranger, who immediately changes how the trip started out. David is no longer focused on the negative side of things and realizes there is more to Nick than the fact that he is annoyingly happy.
As the story progresses we see Nick grow quite a bit in character as we see the side he was always too afraid to show before. I would’ve loved to get more of the history behind his character, but the story itself didn’t feel particularly lacking because of it. I just liked the evolution we saw in him.
The story is filled with quite a bit of lusting and desire, which finally comes to fruition toward the last quarter of the story or so.. and WHEW it gets HOT.
I did feel at times since there is three men that things got a bit fumbled or hard to follow, but only so much of that can be avoided. There were times where I got the two main men confused as their characters switch around quite a bit in the third person POV. I even think at one point there was a name misused in place of one of the other men’s names.
Overall, a pretty good read. I enjoyed the build up of the tension and the growth of the characters along with the little secret Tristan was hiding along with finding out the secrets behind David and Nick.


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