4 Stars for The Wolves that Live in Skin and Space By Danny Wylde and Christopher Daniel Zeischegg @dannywylde #MM #Dark


TitleThe Wolves that Live in Skin and Space
Author Name & Publisher: Danny Wylde and Christopher Daniel Zeischegg
Publication Date & Length: June 23, 2015 – 280 pgs


Set in Los Angeles amidst a dying adult film industry, real-life porn star and cam model Danny Wylde recounts the end of his career. He bears his last months with the death of a friend, a client’s dangerous fantasy, a secret boyfriend, and a family bent on destroying him. Wylde’s second novel moves the literature of pornography’s narrative past its decadent history and into the world of disposable, tube-site celebrity, month-to-month living, and dissolving barriers between consumer and consumed.

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This is a dark book with a graphic and gruesome ending. It’s riveting and unsettling. I couldn’t stop reading even though I was distressed. There are funny bits too, and Danny is a witty protagonist, but make no mistake, this is a horror novel. An allegory.
Danny is a porn/cam star floating through life. He has friends he doesn’t get too close to, aspirations he can’t quite define, and a sex life that’s getting tedious.
A crazed fan manages to find him, and this starts a journey into psychosis and love. True love, with all the ups and downs. Danny begins to feel, perhaps for the first time in his life. But the deeper he goes, the stranger his world gets.
There’s plenty of sex in this novel. None of it’s erotic. There’s frank talk of STDs, mild drug abuse, and trigger warnings for manipulation, bad feelings, and rape.
Four stars instead of five because I think Danny Wylde can become an even better writer. The emotions aren’t quite there. Even for such a heavy book, I think it pulls its punches. It could go deeper. It could be more raw.
If you choose to go on this journey, gentle reader, I believe you will be rewarded.
C.E. Case


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Christopher Daniel Zeischegg, better known by his stage name Danny Wylde, is an American pornographic actor, writer, musician, and filmmaker.

Wylde completed his GED and later earned a degree in film after six years of undergraduate study.

Wylde maintains a regular blog named Trve West Coast Fiction where he chronicles his life largely outside of his career in pornography. He contributed an essay to The Feminist Porn Book The Politics of Producing Pleasure byTristan Taormino, which was published in early 2013. Additionally, his written works have been featured on Smitten Kitten Online and the Bibliophile Érotique by Darling House blog, among other platforms.

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