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Title: The Warrior, The Healer And The Thief
Author Name & Publisher: Diana Jean (Less Than Three Press, LLC )
Publication Date & Length: January 19th 2016- 116 pages


Chastity ‘Chase’ Temple isn’t fond of domesticity or permanence. She’s an expert on survival and enjoys her freedom in the Sierra Nevada, and is less than pleased when she’s called back to Independence to lead a wagon train to Oregon Territory. She expects it to be a difficult journey. She doesn’t expect Mara and Ari.

Mara is a missionary and talented healer trying to start a new life, one well away from the family she’s leaving back East. Ari is the daughter of a runaway slave, a professional thief of mysterious ability who’s traveled the country carrying a dark past.

All three prefer to walk alone, but if they’re going to survive legendary beasts and powerful magic of the unforgiving west, they’ll have to learn that sometimes there’s strength in numbers.

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This was an interesting read. I had a couple of problems with a few technical things in the plot, but on the whole, I liked the characters, the plot, and the conflicts our heroines had to overcome. I had a problem with the flashbacks of Ari’s story. It makes sense to do it, because her story starts chronologically so much earlier than Chase and Mara’s beginning. But even the flashbacks of Ari’s story seem disjointed and out of order. It also began to bug me that we got Ari’s backstory through flashback but nobody else’s. The same thing could have been done with Chase and Mara in order to show important scenes from their past. Also, at first it seemed that the love the three shared came out of nowhere. The scenes of their trip together that seem to be a way for the author to show how their lives together flashed before their eyes during the final confrontation also remind the reader that they actually had days and weeks to get to know each other, and to fall in love slowly over minor experiences. But I feel that more of those needed to be shown before they all start kissing and professing their love. Again, that part became disjointed for me.

On the other hand, the characters make you like them, and you root for them too. The action at the end seems to come one thing after the other, so while the start of the book may seem a little slow, the end seems to rush toward that final climactic fight. And even more telling, I want to know what happens next. I want more of all three and their love for each other. I’ll put in one spoiler – there isn’t any sex in this book. I know some people want to know before they start reading. This book is wonderfully sweet and romantic without it. It’s about three people finding themselves and each other.

Amy P


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Diana is a twenty-something-something who spends most of her day writing about people falling in love, reading about people falling in love, or making excessively frilly dresses. She also enjoys Disney, bubble baths, espresso, Star Trek, Harry Potter, fried chicken, pink, lavender, cabernet sauvignon, and watching the mess in her space grow to hoarding levels.


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