4 Stars for The Shifters (The Shifters #1-8) by M.D. Grimm #MM #Romance


Title: The Shifters (The Shifters #1-8)
Author Name & Publisher: M.D. Grimm (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date: August 28, 2015


Sink your teeth into M.D. Grimm’s paranormal world in this exclusive bundle of nine dramatic romances featuring shifters: not just wolves, but bulls, cougars, deer, bears, falcons, and more. No matter the shape, these men will find their happily ever afters while fighting for their lives.

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I really did like these book but there were a few things that were hard for me to wrap my head around.
In book #1~ Derek lets his mate be used as bait without a fight which I have never seen in a shifter book before. Usually shifters are more protective of their mate so that part was hard for me to wrap my head around.
In the last book #9~ I have to be honest and say I have never been a huge fan of reading about one of the MC’s sleeping with someone else especially when it goes into detail. Usually it if is vague then it does not bug me as much but this time it just made it harder for me to believe Tobias and Angel were a good fit.

I did love the way this author wrote this shifter world and all the different shifters she put into these books.

Psychic moon~ Wolf and Human Rating:3 Stars
Love is a Whirlwind~Bull and Human Rating:4 Stars
Blind Devotion~Wolf and a Cougar Rating: 5 Stars Mt favorite of all the books
Hunter and Hunter~Deer and Human Rating: 4 Stars
Healing Minds~Wolf and Human Rating:5 Stars
Master’s BloodBear and Human Rating:5 Stars
Hunted GuardianWolf and Falcon Rating:4 Stars
The Serpent and The AngelSnake and a Eagle Rating:3 Stars
You also get a novella continuing Derek and Brian’s story which was a 3 Star for me.

So with all these shifter books you get these shifters meeting their mate for the first time and the love they feel for one another. You also get that the shifters just wanted to be accepted but The Knights which is a organization trying to get rid of shifters will not let them live in peace. They have the agency who are hunting the Knights trying to make things safer for the shifters.
So instead of going into each one I want to say this is one series you should definitely read for yourself especially if you love shifters and all things paranormal.

All together I really liked this series so far!
I would definitely recommend these books!



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I’ve wanted to write since I was in the second grade and never gave up that dream. My parents were very supportive and their only request was that I go to college and get a decent job while pursuing that dream. That really wasn’t too much to ask. I didn’t start actively writing until I was a senior in high school. Those few stories were awful, just saying. But they were supposed to be. I was still learning, growing, accumulating. I still am, in many ways, but college truly helped me put my stories together, and to learn how to tell a story. I’m still growing and learning and hope to continue to get better and better at writing.

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