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Title: The Riches of Mercy
Author Name & Publisher: C.E. Case (Supposed Crimes)
Publication Date & Length: June 15, 2012 – 378 pgs


In C.E. Case’s second novel, ambitious state prosecutor Natalie Ivans has a headline-making trial about to begin. To escape the pressure of the spotlight, she drives toward the Carolina shore but is left stranded, battered, and broken in a small town after a car accident. Alone in a hospital in the middle of nowhere, her only lifeline is her nurse, Meredith Jameison. Meredith is facing a trial date of her own-for murder. Falling for her patients and hoping for a way out is de rigueur for Meredith and the staff starts a betting pool for how long it will take Natalie to break her heart. Meredith sees Natalie’s arrival as a sign her fortune is changing. Natalie aches to return to the city. Facing a long sentence, Meredith doesn’t have much to offer. She only has her faith-in God, in herself, and in Natalie.

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A deeply thought provoking and original novel that deals with a very difficult subject, the murder of ones spouse. This novel certainly made me think, the way the author dealt with the murder of Meredith’s husband was extremely emotive.
I particularly liked the way the murder was not explained until we were made aware of Meredith’s character, her home life and her Christian beliefs. The fact that religion was brought into this novel emphasised the turmoil being faced by Meredith, this also impacted on her growing feelings for Natalya.
I found it quite a dark novel but written in such a unique way this didn’t detract from the novel it only enhanced it. The women had to tackle seemingly insurmountable problems and as they dealt with each obstacle another one arose. Although they managed to deal with every problem the answer was never sugar coated or overly sentimental, in fact it was very realistic and believable.
I was a little concerned about the way some of the language was used, calling a family “dark” and a church “black” when describing colour. However nothing could detract from this outstanding novel.
I gave this novel 4 stars because it made me think and question how I would cope under such circumstances, not many novel make you question yourself the way this ones does, I thoroughly recommend this superb book.


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C.E. Case is a librarian by trade, writer by night, who has settled back into Charlotte, NC.


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