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CoverTitle: The Orchard of Flesh (Arcadia Trust #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Christian Baines (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: August 16, 2016 – 264 pgs


Reylan’s last assignment for The Arcadia Trust brought a rebellious human servant under his roof, and a volatile werewolf lover named Jorgas into his bed, leaving the self-reliant Blood Shade–known to the outside world as vampires–in no hurry to risk his immortality for them again. But when a new terror starts disappearing humans from a bad part of town, Reylan must do everything in his power to keep Sydney’s supernatural factions from the brink of war. Having an ambitious, meddlesome human in the mix is only going to make things worse…especially when that human is Jorgas’s father. Reylan will need all his determination and cunning to keep the peace under his roof, between the night’s power brokers, and in his lover’s troubled heart.

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The Orchard of Flesh is an intriguing story with interesting characters and good suspense. I recommend this to anyone looking for a unique paranormal story.

This book has an interesting take on the vampire mythos. The world development is very good. The pacing is good, and it’s engaging. In general I would prefer a bit more character development to really flesh out the main characters.

There are a few little things that bother me about this book. I find some of the writing a bit awkward. It doesn’t happen often, but it can be confusing.

Also,  sometimes the patterns of speech for certain characters is inconsistent. It can be jarring when reading dialog, and it makes for odd character development.

There is some sexual content, but I wouldn’t recommend this for someone looking for a highly romantic or erotic book.

All in all, I enjoyed this story quite a lot, and I’ll be looking for more books from this author.



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Born in Toowoomba, Queensland, Christian Baines has since lived in Brisbane, Sydney, and Toronto, earning an MA in creative writing at University of Technology, Sydney along the way. His musings on travel, theatre, and gay life have appeared in numerous publications in both Australia and Canada.

Dual passions for travel and mythology have sent him across the world in search of dark and entertaining stories. His first novel, The Beast Without, was released in 2013, followed by an erotic short story, The Prince and the Practitioner.

His second novel, Puppet Boy was released in late 2015.

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