4 Stars for The Bruise-Black Sky (More Heat Than the Sun, #5) by John Wiltshire #M/M #Dark @JohnWiltshireNZ


Title: The Bruise-Black Sky (More Heat Than the Sun, #5)
Author Name & Publisher: John Wiltshire (MLR Press)
Publication Date & Length: March 20th 2015- 282 pages


Ben usually overlooks Nikolas’s occasionally jarring dissonance. Not this time. A deep rift, a terrible lie, separates them. Eleven thousand miles from Nikolas, in New Zealand, it’s bitter winter as Ben films the tragic story of a post-apocalyptic gladiator, a victim of his own personal darkness. But on receiving a death threat, Ben suspects the truth of actor Oliver Whitestone’s suicide. Someone doesn’t want this movie made. It’s fortunate for Ben, therefore, that dissonance is a state of unrest, a longing for completion. As if Nikolas would stay at home in disgrace while Ben Rider-Mikkelsen becomes the target of a crazed stalker…

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So while I really liked/loved every book in this series this one just fell a little flat for me.

You get to see more of Nikolas and Ben which I really loved but everything else was just okay I guess..
There really was not much going on in this book besides someone going after Ben when he starts playing a part in a movie, which resolved kind of quickly where you just can’t help thinking that was it….

You do get Ben and Nikolas who have their arguments, but they are also still growing as a couple. Of course I do not want to forget about the steam between these two men, which was so damn hot! There was also some action and angst in this book along with secrets. You also see some of the characters from the previous books in this series too.

Overall I did like this book, but it just did not grab me as much as the previous books had.

So I will leave this review with… I liked this book and would recommend this series!



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John spent twenty-two years in the military, perfecting the art
of looking busy whilst secretly writing. He left as a senior officer
when his tunnel was ready for use. He is now living in New
Zealand until he can raise enough money to leave. Although he
has no plans to return to the army, he can occasionally be caught
polishing his medals.

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