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Title: The Bridge: Traitor (The Bridge #2)
Author Name: Erik Schubach
Publication Date & Length: January 23, 2015 – 206 pgs


Murder and mayhem ensue in the city when a Troll is murdered. There is discord in the supernatural world in Cincinnati when the Trolls find there is a traitor in their ranks and Evangeline Kane is the prime suspect.

A rift in the ranks of the city’s champions is formed that threatens to descend into rebellion.

On the run from the sentinels of the city, the Triumvirate, and the mortal police. Evangeline must fight against time to clear her name while protecting the gateways of two bridges.

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This is one of many books I have read by Mr. Schubach, and I can say I am never disappointed in plot, which is my favorite part. This story takes us through a secondary part of Evangeline’s life as the Troll to the Roebling.


Like in his other books, Schubach is fantastic about keeping the pacing up. However, in this one I felt it slowed on occasion, especially when information is repeated. I have read the first book in this series, so a bit of repetition was expected, but there was a distinct redundancy in explanations in this one that is not present in his other works I have read.


This book takes us on a path we never thought we would see, one where Evangeline is suspect, where traitors are among the ranks, near and far, and we don’t know who to trust anymore. Schubach did a great job and keeping me questioning who the bad guy was, or rather, who was working with the bad guy. Not the main enemy, as I figured that was a new character, but who might be working with said enemy.


I also loved the viewpoints from Sharee. We don’t get those in the first book, and while I think Schubach’s methods are a bit jarring with how he changes POV, I did appreciate the change in this novel. I almost wonder how this novel would have been if entirely from the Custodian’s perspective. I think it would have been doubly interesting.


The stories of the characters have deepened as their have personalities grown. I look forward to reading the next, as surely there will be a next.





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I have always been fascinated by books. They fuel the imagination and further knowledge and exploration into fantastical worlds. I have envied the writers that have written all the literature I consumed my entire life. I have had a head full ideas and worlds of my own rattling around inside my head my entire life, but never had the discipline to put my words on paper.
Inspired by my wife, one day I thought, what the hell, I’ll try to become an author, the worst that can happen is nobody reads my stories. But they would be out there, my imagination written out for the world to see. That is all that matters.

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