4 Stars for The Breaking Point by Catrina Wolfe – #FF #YA


Title: The Breaking Point
Author Name: Catrina Wolfe
Publication Date & Length: July 23, 2014 – 140pgs


How often do we pass strangers on the street, in shops, at school with lost sad expressions on their faces? How often do we notice let alone try to help? Jodi is one such person struggling in a world where most people don’t notice or care. When her sexuality becomes known to the school by accident she becomes an outcast. Fearing for their daughter, her parents move their family away to start over. It is in this new environment that Jodi meets Carsen who had a similar high school experience. Carsen has problems of her own, a past not dealt with and a rocky marriage to contend with. When she extends a reluctant hand in friendship to Jodi she is surprised when Jodi is not the only one who learns from it. She teaches Jodi strength in adversity, in return she slowly begins to face her own demons.

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Jodi is bullied by her ex best friend, her boyfriend and their friend. I could feel Jodi’s desperation in the beginning. Her parents and the teachers do not try to stop the harassment. She feels that there is little left for her to do. She tries to end her life but is unsuccessful.

The parents are devastated by the situation and in their devastation seem to drift away from Jodi. A move might help strengthen the bond between parents and child, but something else happens. I really liked how the realtor convinces her partner, Carsen, to speak to Jodi about her similar experience. There is a feeling of optimism that this book has not had up to this point. Jodi meets a girl who is interested in her, another ray of light. I’m thinking that this book is going to have a happy ending when Jodi has a run in with her bullies. Jodi tries to end her life and is successful this time.

I have to admit this ending to a book really rattled me. With a larger support system, I believed that Jodi could go to these people. The characters really draw you in and you want a happy ending for the girl who was bullied. Unfortunately, bullying takes its toll.



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