4 Stars for Terrance (The Severing #2) by D.J. Manly #MM #Paranormal


Title: Terrance (The Severing #2)
Author Name & Publisher: D.J. Manly (MLR Press)
Publication Date & Length: January 25, 2015 – 147 pgs


Something wakes Terrance in the middle of the night, a voice that won’t let him sleep. Alex, his lover, has accepted that Terrance can talk to the dead, but this time it’s different; this time the voice is dead… dead serious. This time, the voice won’t be denied.

Terrance has been talking to the dead ever since he was a boy. The dead find Terrance when they have something to tell him, and now, something or someone is reaching out. But something else doesn’t want Terrance to connect. It will torment him with images from his own past and try to distract him, even kill to keep Terrance from knowing the truth.

In The Severing, Billy’s ghost found Terrance and brought Alex into his life. In book two, Billy is gone, and Terrance will have to find himself.

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I really liked this one…
There were some things that seemed to just pop out of nowhere and some parts that really did not make a lot of sense to me but otherwise this was a good book.
Terrance and Alex are still together in this one but even stronger now..
What Terrance goes through scares Alex a lot, then he too starts seeing things that are evil spirits.  Terrance is still hearing voices and seeing ghosts but this time it is a child, later on you find out how important this child is to Terrance.
All together I really loved the paranormal aspect to this book and Terrance and Alex together… There were just some parts that were confusing to me.
I would recommend this book!


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I write not only for my own pleasure, but for the pleasure of my readers. I can’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t written and told stories. When I’m not writing, I’m dreaming about writing, doing something wild and adventurous, or trying to make the world a better and more open minded place to live in. I adore beautiful men, and I know I’m not alone in this! Eroticism between consenting adults, in all its many forms is the icing on the cake of life!


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