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Title: Tantalus
Author Name & Publisher: Albert Nothlit (Less Than Three)
Publication Date & Length: April 20, 2016 – 150 Pages


In the aftermath of a nasty fight after being jumped by four youths, faced with a mother desperate to get rid of the son she’s ashamed of, Kyle is forced to leave home to take up an apprenticeship he doesn’t want and can’t wait to be finished with.

On another planet.

Upon arrival, though, a nasty surprise awaits. The position he was hired for no longer exists and he’s going to be left standing around until Dr. O’Brien, the man he was to work for, can find him a new job. Following a strange compulsion, Kyle leaves the compound, only to nearly get himself killed out in the alien atmosphere. Kyle is told he’s too reckless to stay and fit only for the mining colonies, where he’ll be little more than a slave.

Distraught but helpless, Kyle counts down the days until his departure. He’s distracted from his misery, however, by the same compulsion that first drove him from the compound, a presence in his mind that seems to be coming from the local lifeform being kept in Dr. O’Brien’s lab…

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I love a good sci fi mm story and Tantalus was a pretty interesting read.
The main character is Kyle, a boy who left his home planet to apprentice with a doctor studying in another planet. Something happened in his own home so his mother sent him far away and Kyle is bitter about it. He meets Dr. O’Brien and things seem to go downhill from there…until he discovers that he has unique abilities the government is willing to break the laws for.
The aliens were creepy in the beginning, but ended up cute and I was cheering for those little fellas. I was so sad when bad things started happening to them *cry*. I liked the little world build up that the author did with the planet. I liked the mystery of the aliens. The romance part was the one I was having difficulty with. Kyle and O’Brien were just suddenly in love. I’m all for insta love, but even I was a bit amused at how these two characters were suddenly at the “I Love You” stage. What I really wanted was a bit more romance between these two and drama before the action happened.
Ah well. I liked it anyway.


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Albert spent more than two hours in writer morph to achieve his nothlit status, but he doesn’t regret it one bit. He thinks it’s amazing to be able to connect with people by sharing stories, which are essentially pieces of his soul. He is always thankful when a reader gives him feedback. For him, hearing back from readers is the best part of the writing process.

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