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Title: Summoning Doll
Author Name: A.L. Wilson
Publication Date & Length: April 19, 2015 – 108 pgs


It has been thirteen years since Dr. Lorenz Meissner was forcefully parted from his beloved parents. The sight of the two of them being carted off by German soldiers still haunts him. His lover, the Vampire Cyrus, finally convinces Lorenz to go in search of the couple, but the journey will require complicated travel arrangements.

In order to obtain passage on a supernatural-creature-friendly cruise liner bound for the United States, Cyrus and Lorenz agree to investigate a string of curious occurrences besieging witches. According to a coven leader, someone or something has been threatening witches, demanding the return of an unknown object.

Cyrus and Lorenz begin their investigation by visiting the homes of the accosted witches and warlocks only to find the individuals have vanished. Eventually, they come to the scene of a gruesome murder of an elderly witch named, Ma’dam Collette. This propels the couple into a case much more complicated than they previously anticipated.

Curses, dark magics, and ancient rituals surround a mysterious porcelain doll. With a dangerous group of cultists nipping at their heels, Cyrus and Lorenz fight to understand the nature of what they are dealing. Can our heroes decipher the clues and unlock the secrets of the doll before the cultists can complete their sinister plans? Or will a chance meeting with a genteel vampire named Le Von Funar, tear the couple apart before they have even begun?

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Summoning Doll started out a bit on the confusing side but I feel I must attribute this to not having read the first book in the series. However, after the first chapter some things were cleared up, then it caught my attention and held it. The characters have real depth to them and show attention to development and detail in their personalities and the way that they handle situations throughout the book. The sequence of events was well planned out and had everything needed to keep the story and plot moving forward. I was impressed by the obvious planning put into the events in the main plot of the book and couldn’t wait to see what happened next.
The bond between Cyrus and Lorenz has both an intensity and truth to it that makes it easy to get behind. It isn’t perfect, but they make it work, something that I enjoyed and that made it feel much more real, more believable.
The plot itself was full of amazing twists and action that kept it from getting stale and helped to keep me from losing interest. There were shocking ‘Oh my!’ moments as well as several ‘Ah ha!’ scenes that were creative and unique.
The only issues that I found were some very minor grammar and spelling issues and a few small formatting problems that kept this book from being a full 5 Stars. Overall I enjoyed the action, the movement and flow of the story and the characters involved. Not one of them was perfect and that’s something I like to see in the stories I pick up. I honestly look forward to more of this series (and from this author).


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As a young child A. L. held three aspirations which she vocally proclaimed to anyone that listened. She was either going to be an author, an actress or a psychologist.
It was only after her brother was diagnosed with Autism and Pervasive Development Disorder that her aspirations shifted from theater and prose to exclusively studying psychology.

However, she never truly left her flare for the dramatic behind. At the tender age of eight she was taking a starring role in Tom Sawyer; the following year it was Alice in Wonder Land. Then eventually her Senior year of High School she wrote and starred in the school’s Senior play.

The Case of the Murder that Wasn’t, had her bouncing around stage as a savvy detective with a bumbling side-kick, attempting to solve the murder of a rich aristocrat. The off-color humor had audiences in stitches for three days and nights- to the delight of her and her family. However, despite the success of her writing and acting, the young A. L. graduated High School with honors and then immediately went on to start college in search of her (three) subsequent degrees in Psychology.

It wasn’t until years later that things would come full-circle as Indie Publishing has become more and more popular and the itch to write more overwhelming. Momentarily hanging up her hat as a Child and Family Counselor, A. L. has once again plunged her hands back into writing; spinning wild tales for her own enjoyment and hopefully the enjoyment of her audiences.

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