4 Stars for Spark of Thought by Lucie Lukacovicova


Title: Spark of Thought
Author Name & Publisher: Lucie Lukacovicova (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: February 3, 2016


In the midst of the steampunk era, the City of Prague is at the heart of the Holy Inquisition, which is determined to wipe out the witches and heretics endangering the world. A young scientist is accused of witchcraft and ends up coming to the attention of Ignatius, the High Inquisitor.

An unexpected attraction complicates an already dangerous situation—a situation that many are happy to exploit, from other authorities within the church to city leaders. Ignatius will have to choose between the life he’s always led or the warlock he shouldn’t love—if they survive long enough to have any choice at all.

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So I will admit while I did like this world this author created in this book.. Parts of this book I was really confused on what was going on and some of this story felt a little rushed to me to be honest.

But I did really like where this author was going with this story. There was really no steam between these two men in this book but you did feel the attraction one of these MC’s had for the other man.

With this Novella you will get Ignatius who is a high Inquisitor that has been watching a man who he is attracted to but at the same time thinks he is a witch which means he must lock him up.

So all together I really liked this story but for me this felt so rushed and I was really confused by some of this story.



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