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Title: Song of Souls (Terra #3)
Author Name & Publisher: S. J. Frost (MLR Press)
Publication Date & Length: February 12, 2016 — 310 Pages


Lark is a renowned minstrel in Forest’s End, but he has a gift beyond his beautiful voice and masterful skill with a lute that few know about. He has the ability to see and speak with souls of the dead. Other than his closest companions, only one man has never shown fear of his gift and even offered him love.

Known as the Black Fox, Zain is an assassin and thief. He never planned much of a future for himself, until he met Lark. He wants to make a good life for them, but to truly be with Lark, he needs to give up his life in the shadows.

Passion and love strengthens between them, and nothing will stop Zain from protecting Lark. When a new enemy threatens to pull them apart, it’ll take more than steel to keep Lark safe. It may be that the only one who has the key to defeat a murderous necromancer is Lark himself.

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Song of Souls is the 3rd book of Frost’s Terra series, and I adored it.
Lark was cute, fragile and lovable. He was also stronger than he seemed. He’s willing to do anything to protect his friends and loving a man like Zain was painful, yet he never gave up on their love even when it looked liked it wasn’t going anywhere. And he can talk to ghosts! Anyone who can do that and accept that about themselves without going nuts has a backbone made of steel.
Zain, dark, handsome, mysterious and deadly Zain. He’s an assassin, yet he has a heart. Killing for a living, it’s a miracle that he didn’t turn out to be a twisted a-hole. The way he loved Lark was passionate, heartbreaking and possessive. They are such a good match.
The plot was okay, even though the real adventure didn’t start til almost the end. It was nice reading about previous characters. They kicked butt while fighting a necromancer and journeying though hell. Or a part of hell. Can’t wait for book 4. 🙂


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S.J. Frost resides in Ohio with her family, pets, and horses. Her short stories have been featured in several erotic and romance anthologies, and her novels are published through MLR Press. Rock stars, vampires, fantasy heroes, and more, she enjoys dabbling in many different sub-genres in gay romance, but no matter what she writes, love and passion are the driving forces in every story.


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