4 Stars for Sire (Steel City #4) by Kate Pavelle #MM Romance @katepavelle


Title: Sire (Steel City #4)
Author Name & Publisher: Kate Pavelle (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: October 23, 2015 – 244 pgs


A new transfer, Robbie Kowalski embraces his fresh start at Three Rivers Academy. Freedom from football, delightfully challenging academics, family support—Robbie is thrilled. No more fumbles, no more gay taunts, and a refreshing challenge at blending in with the kids of rich people, the sort his dad usually works for. Robbie’s even willing to work in his dad’s carpentry business to help pay tuition, especially once he gets to know his cute lab partner, Brent.

Brent Kenson, competitive rider and key man in his uncle’s stable, schemes to escape the legal career his dad has all planned out for him. He almost pulls it off too, until a scorching kiss from Robbie turns his world upside down. When Brent discovers his dad is not his real father, his world flips again, and he’s left reeling and desperate for escape.

With time running out, Robbie must find a way to help Brent confront his fear of rejection and embrace who he is before Brent takes a drastic step to end his pain—permanently.

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Triggers: Suicidal ideas, bullying, depression, infertility

I will start this review by saying that this is the first book that I have read in this series, but do not feel that I was missing any important details.

You have two main characters – Rob and Brent.  Both are struggling, but each with their own issues.  You have Rob, who in order to get away from it all, has transferred to a new school.  He is trying to reinvent himself away from the accident prone football player in to one of intelligence and grace with woodworking, with an ultimate goal of architecture.

Then you have Brent.  He has lived a life of privilege, but something was missing.  He was always working hard, because he knew that it was expected that he get the best grades.  However, he also knows that deep within himself, there is a passion that not even his dad can extinguish.  He wants to work with horses, not follow in his dad’s footsteps.

Both are seeking something, but until they find each other, they just kind of flounder.  I thought that this story held a lot of miscommunications, which gave the story, at some points, undue angst.  The miscommunications almost costs all of the characters everything.

Pavelle did a good job at resolving a lot of the issues and miscommunications, but I felt she skimmed over the issues about suicide a little.  While it was discovered, there was no talk about how the characters were helping each other fix the issue.  Only that it was resolved.  I think that the story would have been more powerful if you had seen the resolution in a more practical and realistic space.

This story was more about two boys finding their own way – starting their own paths.  It also brought together family, friends and even animals to show that nothing is ever so hopeless.



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Kate Pavelle learned to use a gas mask in first grade, fired her first VZ50 in her sixth grade civil defense class and her dog was a wolf hybrid stolen from the Czechoslovak border guard. Her eccentric father blew out the windows of their house with a stun grenade.
Her high-stakes childhood leaves Kate searching for the next exciting thing: martial arts, horses, toxic mushrooms.
Her quests resonates through her suspense, thrillers and romances. Kate once knew the hunger of being a political refugee and the terror of being pursued by government agents. She imbues her characters with her own struggle for survival, excellence, and world domination.
Only the dead bodies are imaginary.


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