4 Stars for Silver & Gold by Amanda Jean, Austin Chant, Helena Maeve, Sam Schooler, Eleanor Kos, C.C. Bridger, Erica Barnes #MM #FF


Title: Silver & Gold
Author Name & Publisher: Amanda Jean, Austin Chant, Helena Maeve, Sam Schooler, Eleanor Kos, C.C. Bridger, Erica Barnes (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: October 7, 2015 – 365 pgs


From one-night stands to on-and-off love stories that span decades, the roads of love are diverse and have no map. One of the hardest relationships to navigate may be those with an age difference. Society isn’t always sure what to make of May-December pairings, and the odds seem stacked against them. But the wisdom of age and the optimism of youth is a combination not to be underestimated…

In One Last Leap, Phillip carries the old wounds of his partner’s death, and he’s not sure how to deal with an attraction to the much-younger Ivan. InCoffee Boy, new grad Kieran interns at a senatorial campaign, and has to deal with being an out trans gay man in the workplace, his overbearing supervisor Seth, and his growing, begrudging affection for Seth—not to mention Seth’s crush on their straight boss.

After his brother’s death, Navy SEAL Zev comes home to take care of his estate in After the Dust, and finds ex-prostitute Julian on his brother’s doorstep. A Corgi Named Kilowatt turns the teacher-student dynamic on its head when young TA Evan clashes with Marc, a dog groomer back at school at forty.

Maddie flirts with the older and mysterious Claudia at a movie, but doesn’t expect to see her again—especially not at a cake-tasting session for her best friend’s wedding. The Memory of You explores not only the promise of chance encounters, but the reality of them. Runner brings us Eden, who answers an ad for a caregiver but somehow ends up married and trapped in an isolated, dilapidated cabin with his snarly new husband, Mick.

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This is an anthology based on stories of couples with an age difference. Most of these stories were wonderful, full of detail and rich in character. Some chose to address the delicate problems facing May-December pairings, some kind of glossed over those difficulties. All were pretty engaging with characters that were extremely likable. Two things I will point out. This is not an anthology with those nice little short stories you can settle down and read right before bed. Mainly because most of them were a bit on the longer side. I actually didn’t have a problem with this, because when a story is good, I usually want more, not less. However, some people do like an anthology for that reason, and this is a heads up that you’ll either stay up later than you expected, or finish your story the next night.

Also, I would have been happier if the F/F story hadn’t been included. I really enjoyed it, the story was excellent for several reasons; the realistic look at what the concerns are when two people meet but are at different points in their lives, the attraction there that was strong enough to overcome both people’s concerns, and the feeling of hope the reader is left with at the end of the story. But it’s the only F/F story in the book, and I wanted to read the book for the F/F stories. One story did not nearly sate my appetite. No, this was a M/M anthology with a token F/F story thrown in. Again, those M/M stories were good, just not what I’d wanted. I would have rather had that F/F story somewhere else, and know that the book was M/M.

Anyway, the stories were sweet and loving, and yes, hopeful. I’m definitely glad I got to read them.

Amy P.


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