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Title: Second Chances (Denver Diaries #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Rain Carrington


Having everything he needed and wanted in his life for the first time, Brian Lauder was perfectly happy. He had a career that he loved, a home, friends and a submissive that he adored. One he thought he’d held at a big enough distance from to protect his heart. That was all before Morgan stepped back into his house and his life.
Morgan Cherik was everything a man could want. Beautiful, driven and eager to kneel for his Master, but he’d left without a word two years before to follow his dream, leaving Brian to pick up the pieces of a shattered heart.
Now he was back and Brian was torn between wanting to feel that love he’d never been able to shake for Morgan, or punish him and let him go. Then there was Pez, the young college student who had helped him heal. How could Brian let him go?
As Morgan begins to make amends, Brian knows that he cannot get over the other man who’d left his life for Brian’s happiness. Will the memory of Pez come between them, or bring them closer together?

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I had a love – hate relationship with this story.  While I loved Brian’s occupation – his pride in his job, his ability to stand up to his father and follow his own path, I really disliked that there was so many unresolved issues.  Now, having said that, the dislike was due to the fact that I know this will go on because there is no possibility of resolving anything in this first book.  So, after the first few chapters, I knew this was going to be a series that I will have to follow.

Brian is someone who, despite being successful and loving his job, is floundering.  He loves Pez and he loves Morgan.

I loved Pez right from the start.  He was charismatic, caring, loving and you knew, without a doubt that he loved Brian.  I even liked Pez’s roommate, Kegan.  I secretly hope that we get to see more of Kegan, even though he was a very minor part of the story.  He was loyal, loving and you knew that he cared for Pez.

Then you have Morgan.  I had a VERY difficult time liking him.  He seemed almost whiny, without even having to open his mouth.  The way that Carrington wrote his mannerism, thoughts, feelings, there was just this whiny quality to them.  While I can understand making a mistake and trying to correct it, I just couldn’t really get over what he had done to Brian in the past and the present.

Throughout this story, you have several stories woven together.  Following them is not an issue – Carrington is very clear.  The format of the story was such that at times, I was wondering when the point of view switched, but once that was figured out, it was very clear who was “speaking”.

I want to continue reading what happens, mostly because I care about what happens to Pez.  I don’t really have an interest in what happens between Brian and Morgan, mostly because that storyline was somewhat flat for me.



This was a new author for me and I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait for the next installment. However there was one point I didn’t like and that was when Brian takes Morgan back and basically just dumps Pez. To me it came across as a really insulting thing for Brain to do regardless of what Pez had said. Overall this was an excellent book. The author’s style of writing made this a very easy read.


It took me a while to warm up to both Brain and Morgan because I sympathized so much with Pez. But I did eventually warm up to them. It was clear they had a real connection to each other and in the end I was glad the found their way back to each other.



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