4 Stars for Rough Draft by Leo d’Entremont #MM #Military


Title: Rough Draft
Author Name & Publisher: Leo d’Entremont (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: September 20, 2015 – 66 pgs


Elliot “Ray” Douglas is an army veteran with PTSD and a closet full of secrets. Discharged and alone after an explosion on the battlefield and the implosion of his sham marriage, Ray is salvaging what’s left of his life. Attending a community college should help him adjust to civilian life and give him a sense of direction again—if Ray survives one hot teacher hell-bent on getting to know him.

Young adjunct English professor Brian Randall enjoys challenging his students and tends to get under their skins. Brian decides to push Ray not only in Composition I, but also in facing himself and dealing with his issues. While coping with the death of a squadmate and the destruction of the only life he’s known, Ray will face his greatest fear—admitting he’s gay.

This semester is Ray’s chance at making a new life for himself, and if all goes well, Brian will make sure he’s a part of it.

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I really enjoyed this story. It was a short story but didn’t feel that way. The author was able to give us enough detail but it didn’t feel rushed and there was no instant-love here that was the best part. This was more about Ray trying to deal with life after the military. I enjoyed how the author was able to show how Ray was able to really embrace life again. There was no sex in this book and I didn’t miss it at all. In fact this book felt more like a Prologue and would love to hear more about Ray and Brian.



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Leo d’Entremont has been writing queer speculative fiction for online audiences for over ten years, to include fanfiction from popular sci-fi and fantasy. Some of his works have been translated into as many as eight languages by enthusiastic readers from around the world. After years of encouragement from readers, he decided to make the jump to writing for publication.

He identifies as a queer, poly trans*man. In the other part of his life, he is a biologist, Emergency Medical Technician, certified firefighter, Army veteran, vocalist, distance runner, weightlifter, and unabashed nerd. (No, really… he has four Star Trek costumes.) He is currently pursuing a nursing degree, but plans to keep writing whenever he gets a spare minute. Sleep is optional when he has a scene to finish and a plot point to chase.

He lives in an inconspicuous house on a suburban street with his wife, two dogs, one cat, large vegetable garden, and picket fence, all of which seems perfectly normal until people notice the fake skulls in the fruit basket. The only thing he keeps in the closet in his life are costumes and floggers, both of which come out frequently.

Leo believes that all you need in life is love… and lube. A nice ass doesn’t hurt, either. He thinks you have a nice ass. Yes, you. Hi there, hot stuff.

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