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Title: Remy’s Painter (The Werewolves of Manhattan #2)
Author Name & Publisher: A.C. Katt (MLR Press)
Publication Date & Length: June 21, 2015 – 172 pgs


Ian Sullivan is being chased by a mobster and has to come up with five thousand dollars he doesn’t have. His only hope is an estimate for a large house. Little does he know that the house belongs to a loup garou who just happens to be his mate.

Ian Sullivan is in trouble. His father and brother died because his brother gambled and owed money to a mobster. Now Sal Ferrara want to collect from him and if he doesn’t, he’ll take Ian as his boy toy instead. Ian’s only hope is getting a job from an estimate his father had outstanding for an seventy eight hundred square foot house. Little does Ian know that the house belongs to a Remy Clavier, a loup garou who meets Ian and knows he’s found his mate. Now all Remy has to do is take care of Sal Ferrara and convince Ian, a human, to accept both him and his wolf.

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This book was a really good addition to this series! In this book you get Ian who had just lost his father and brother due to his brother owing money to some bad people. So Ian is threatened if he does not get the money than he will be hurt. So Ian needs to take whatever painting job he can to try and come up with the money. That is when he meets Remy when he goes to the house Remy owns to quote him a price to paint his whole house.
Well Remy knew right away that Ian was his mate but he still needed to when him over. These two characters were so cute together when Ian got over fighting his attraction to Remy. Remy does try so hard to get Ian to see Remy’s attraction to him and how well they fit together.
No there was something that did bug me and that was how much Armand was in Ian and Remy’s relationship. I know Armand is the head alpha but that really annoyed me for some reason.
Other then that I really liked this book. You get your angst and danger with this book also the steam which I loved between these two.
All together I really liked this book!
I would recommend this book!


This second book of the Werewolves of Manhattan series is much better than the first. It flows really nicely and I love the character development.

Ian being very resistant to Remy, in the beginning, was a little bit tedious, I felt. Where in the first book Sean moved fast I felt Ian moved too slow. I wish there was a happy medium.  This is the only criticism I have for this book though.

The plot line I felt was really good. The villain of the story was not much of a villain, but it added the villainy the book called for.

My favorite part of the book was when the characters from the first book joined in. Having the alpha and alpha mate from book one added to the plot of this book just really made the story seem complete.

I really loved how Sean was helping Ian get acclimated to wolf culture and giving him the support and the information that he needed. I could really feel for Ian that now he was not alone since he had another human, even though he’s half, in the same family, so to speak.

I do recommend this book and suggest reading book one of the series. I feel that it is necessary for understanding this book.



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AC Katt was born in New York City’s Greenwich Village. She remembers sitting at the fountain in Washington Square Park listening to folk music while they passed the hat. At nine, her parents dragged her to New Jersey where she grew up, married and raised four children and became a voracious reader of romantic fiction. At one time she owned over two thousand novels, until she and her husband took themselves and the cat to New Mexico for their health and its great beauty.

Now, most of AC’s books are electronic (although she still keeps six bookcases of hardcovers), so she never has to give away another book. AC is new to both GLBT and to writing being, as she claims, a late bloomer, however, she’s found her niche writing GLBT romance. Her current releases (from MLR Press) include the award winning Rock and Roll novel Shattered Glass and her just released BDSM novel, A Matter of Trust


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