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Red Hood

Title: Red Hood: The Hunt (Urban Fairytales #1)
Author Name: Erik Schubach
Publication Date & Length: March 12, 2015 — 208 pages


A third of the world’s population are cursed to become werewolves on the full moon, and walled cities like Seattle protect the Clean Bloods. People like Detective Daria McQueen protect the gates of the city to stand against the packs of wolves, three nights a month.

When Daria discovers a breach in the wall while on her patrol, and saves a family from infection by three hungry wolves. Daria herself is saved by a Wolf Hunter she had believed to be nothing but an urban legend, the Red Hood, Maireni Damaschin. The mysterious woman in a red cloak seems to possess inhuman abilities.

Daria and Maireni find themselves caught in a tangled web of deception that goes back centuries, which could spell the end to Clean Bloods and throw the world into servitude.

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A very different adaptation of the traditional fairy tale. This short novel was delightfully entertaining and detailed enough to make the whole thing almost believable.
The strength of the two main character’s and the smart and at times very amusing dialogue between them was one this books strengths. I found the plot did become a little confusing half way through when Daria and Red were alone in fending off the wolves and I am still not sure how Daria became able to transform. However the author quickly brought things back on track and the novel continued to entertain and delight.
I was surprised at some of the rather edgy dark sections in the novel and was not sure they complimented an otherwise enchanting tale of the supernatural.
You will  enjoy reading  this book if you like strong beautiful and resourceful women who have a growing passion for each other which  is cleverly left to the readers imagination. You will wolf it down.
I was also impressed with the imaginative conclusion, the dynamic duo descending on London, including British readers into the tale. Cleverly done.


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Erik Schubach is the author of lesbian romance novels such as Music of the Soul and SciFi novels. His books are about empowering women, and creating likeable characters that are shunned by society but come out stronger in the end.


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