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Title: Professor Sandwich (Campus Cravings #19)
Author Name: Carol Lynne
Publication Date & Length: October 21, 2014 – 99pgs


Love is a give and take, whether shared by two men or three.

After the devastating loss of his parents, Rusty Bonham feels like he is floating through life without an anchor. The problem, he discovers, is the anchor he wants is already tied to another man, an equally hot professor.

Professors Adam Ryan and Manuel Corto Delgado believed they had the perfect life, but everything changed the day Rusty walked into Adam’s classroom and sat in the front row. Four years later, Adam and Manuel still want Rusty, but it wasn’t until Rusty fell victim to an attack that they decided to do something about it.

Inviting Rusty into their bed and lives turned out to be the easy part, but when Rusty reveals a secret, they discover the challenge will be keeping him there.

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Adam, Manny and Rusty are the characters in this story. It is an intriguing story of love found and love discovered.

I enjoyed Adam and Manny for the most part. They were patient teachers to Rusty. I also really liked their own dynamic. Both of these men loved each other, but also were willing to realize that there might be more to their relationship, should Rusty become involved. The sex between the professors is hot and steamy, which only adds to the story.  When Rusty becomes introduced, it is also a good dynamic – what I appreciated most about it is that Rusty did not have to have the same relationship that Adam and  Manny had.  Each character has their own preferences and that was something that was unique and awesome about this story.

I didn’t really like Rusty so much. Besides his innocence and constant running away at the beginning, he just didn’t really grow on me that much. It felt almost like the older characters were constantly having to check in with him. Despite my not liking Rusty’s character, the relationship that developed was one that has the potential for longevity and that’s why I gave the book 4 stars. The author was able to show me potential for what might be.



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Well, to be honest, I’m completely boring. I spend my days juggling two young children and my writing career. You’re just as likely to either catch me writing a steamy love scene or scrubbing jelly out of the carpet.

Besides writing, my biggest passion is reading. I have a lot of authors I follow (no not in the stalking sense), but Sean Michaels, B.A. Tortuga, J.M. Snyder and Chris Owen have to be my all-time favorites.

Here are some unusual facts about me:

I drink gallons of coffee every day, but I much prefer instant. I catch all kinds of flack for this from my family and friends. Even though I only drink instant, I am very picky about which brand I buy. It must be Taster’s Choice or nothing.

I love country music, but can’t stand to have music playing in my house. Therefore, I don’t even own a stereo or radio of any kind. I listen to my tunes as I’m driving around town and that’s enough for me.

I like to refer to myself as underheight instead of overweight. I’m just sure that if I could add another six or seven inches to my short 5’2 frame, I’d be much thinner. Therefore, it’s not that I overeat, it’s just that I stopped growing.

I enjoy the Hallmark commercials more than I enjoy the Hallmark movies.

Well, sorry folks, that’s about all I’ve got for you. Maybe someday soon I’ll have something really exciting to put on this page, but for now, this is me in a nutshell.


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