4 Stars for Out & About Dad: My Journey as a Father with all its Twists, Turns, and a Few Twirls by Jim Joseph #NonFiction #MM @OutAndAboutDad


Title: Out & About Dad: My Journey as a Father with all its Twists, Turns, and a Few Twirls
Author Name & Publisher: Jim Joseph (Mascot Books)
Publication Date & Length: September 8, 2015 – 256 pgs


Out and About Dad chronicles my personal journey as a father, raising my children in what was at the time a very unconventional home. It’s a raw and honest portrayal of life as a gay father back in the day…the only sugar coating is on the gingerbread houses we made one year for Christmas.

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This is an excellent story about a man and the love he has for his children while also trying to achieve his own goals of career success (which I think he totally made happen). The amount of sacrifices he made to be there for his children was amazing. Having a parent that was single and had to work hard to provide for their children, I know what it’s like to be on the other end of that type relationship. However, I can’t say that my parent made the same type of sacrifices as this author did. It really astounded me what he was willing to do to be the best parent he could for his children while also trying to handle the new and unexpected situation he found himself in after discovering that he was gay.
There were many times early in the book that I felt so back for the author as he felt so alone as he tried to navigate his way through being not just a parent, but a single gay parent.
While the book was well written, I found that there was a lot of repetition that was unnecessary and had my mind starting to wander away from the topics. However, I think this is a great story for those struggling with how to balance everything in life.


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Entrepreneur of the Year, Agency of the Year, Most Creative Agency, Thought Leadership Certificate of Excellence, Social Media Icon – these are not accolades that Jim Joseph takes lightly or too seriously either. They inspire him everyday to continue to excel and to learn.

As President of Cohn & Wolfe, Jim brings over twenty-five years of consumer marketing leadership, bold management prowess, and a fine head of hair to the agency. If running this gig wasn’t big enough, he’s also a best-selling author, blogger, professor at New York University, and regular contributor to Entrepreneur and Huffington Post. To top it off, he’s on the Board of Directors for the number one branding school in the country, The Brandcenter at VCU, and well as The Council of PR Firms and DTC Perspectives.

When you want to get something done, give it to someone who’s busy!

Fulfilling a lifelong dream, Jim published his first marketing book in 2010 called The Experience Effect, which showed how building a powerful brand experience creates shareable consumer loyalty. As Jim says, “without a great brand experience, you’re just another product.” The book garnered much critical acclaim, winning a Silver Medal for Best Marketing Book from Axiom. We’d bet his mother has a copy bolted to the refrigerator.

Sequels take a look at applying that big brand theory to small business with The Experience Effect for Small Business and personal branding with The Personal Experience Effect.

And while all of this has built out his impressive resume, none of it is as important as the daily badge he wears with the most pride – Dad.

Jim Joseph is the proud father of two adult children. He has spent the last twenty-plus years raising them, looking after their physical and emotional well-being, and building their confidence to navigate their own lives … balancing his career and family life all along the way.

It’s his newest book on fatherhood that represent what’s most important to him: being an “Out and About Dad.” In this book, Jim tells an unconventional tale of a rewarding journey through life. It is a raw and honest portrayal of life as a father…the only sugar coating is from the gingerbread houses that his kids made one Christmas holiday.

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