4 Stars for Moon Dogs by Erica Kealey #MM #Shifter

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Title: Moon Dogs
Author Name: Erica Kealey
Publication Date & Length: September 21, 2015 – 34 pgs


Grant’s had enough. It took him a few months, but he’s figured out Cary’s secret and where he’s hiding, so it’s time to put all cards on the table. He’s tired of the secrets and the way they’ve both been pretending they’re not in love with each other.

But his plans for tipping friendship into romance didn’t account for Cary throwing him out—or that everything would just get so much worse from there.

Author’s note: This story was first published in the Bad Moon Rising anthology by Less Than Three Press. It has been re-edited and expanded by three thousand words.

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This is a quick, short story.  It had good emotion, for such a short story.  Grant and Cary seemed to have a great friendship, that eventually was beginning to become a more romantic relationship.
I enjoyed the development of flashbacks for the story. Sometimes authors use flashbacks incorrectly, but Kealey used them well. Then you have the middle, where things are up in the air – I think that Kealey resolved things quite well.
I liked the chapters that were present, but wished for a little more.  This is a novella, that if expanded, could become an awesome book.


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I’m an ordinary working woman with aspirations to be a writer. Am slowly but surely getting there My tastes obviously lean toward men doing naughty things to other men, and while I occasionally stray into the fantastical, generally I stick to the here and now. Nothing terribly remarkable about me: I like pop (soda), storms, and gleefully mashing the keyboard until a story comes out.

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