4 Stars for Man Hunt: Episode 3 by Luke Braun #MM #Erotica @lukeassbraun


Title: Man Hunt: Episode 3
Author Name & Publisher: Luke Braun (Forty5 Degrees Press)
Publication Date & Length: July 9, 2015 – 24 pgs


Nothing is more boring than a stakeout. Your unreliable informant assures you that the biggest drug deal of your career is going down tonight, but it’s two o’clock in the morning and cabin fever is setting in. Fortunately, you’ve got your partner Steve along with you tonight, and he doesn’t mind trading favours to pass the time. But just as Steve goes down, so does the deal.

Man Hunt is an immersive, gay, erotic adventure. You are the narrator, horny and on the hunt for a hot man to sink your teeth into.

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Review   FourStars

This is the third “episode” and I found it to be just as intriguing as the last.  However, I was also slightly confused – what happened to Ethan?  This story seemed to be from a totally different POV.  So, despite reading the entire episode, I found myself wondering if we had changed characters from episode 2 to 3.
While I definitely don’t like drug dealing, this episode, I was able to see more of the “man behind the story”‘s POV.  I liked that you got to see some of his life – more than just his hook ups.
And, while I wanted Trenton to get what was coming to him, I did enjoy the interlude that occurred.
There was some very hot sex with a little bondage thrown in for good measure.
Then you have Miguel – and while I found him slightly annoying, I think that the education that he received will stick with him for a while.



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