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TitleLondon Harmony: Water Gypsy (London Harmony #1)
Author Name: Erik Schubach
Publication Date & Length: February 21, 2015 – 146 pgs


Tabitha Romanov lives on the river Thames in the heart of London, on a rundown grain barge. Music and fun drives her and her unique vocal style doesn’t go unnoticed by the scouts of London Harmony when they run across her by chance at an underground rave.

Teresa McClellan is a consummately professional business woman who is the headmistress at a Music Conservatoire. Two complete opposites, oblivious of the other until Teresa catches Tabitha eavesdropping on classes in her school.

(London Harmony is a spinoff of the Music of the Soul books.)

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Overall I loved this book. The story was a amazing! I enjoyed every moment of it! It Just goes to show it doesn’t matter where you are from. If you set your mind to something you can accomplish anything you only have to apply yourself!
I would have easily given this book 5 stars if it wasn’t for it jumping tenses so often, but overall it was a great read!
I love how the characters come together and meet in such a original way! And the depth of personality Teresa has is awesome. The fact that she lost just as much as Tabitha only in a different perspective I think deepened there connection. I cant wait to read the next one!


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Erik Schubach is the author of lesbian romance novels such as Music of the Soul and SciFi novels. His books are about empowering women, and creating likeable characters that are shunned by society but come out stronger in the end.

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