4 Stars for Lab Rat by Nephy Hart #MM #Futuristic #SciFi #Thriller

LabRat_600x956Title: Lab Rat
Author Name & Publisher: Nephy Hart (Wayward Ink Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: May 4, 2016 – 280 pgs


At thirteen, Gabriel was subjected to experimentation designed to awaken latent psychic abilities.

He’s been locked in a downward spiral of self-destruction ever since.

Then one night he meets Laurie, who is the antithesis of everything Gabriel’s become: cheerful, optimistic, and comfortable in his own skin.

Laurie pursues Gabriel. But Gabriel no longer believes in love. With a dark past and a history of disastrous relationships, he’s promised himself ‘no more’. Laurie, however, won’t let go, no matter how many obstacles Gabriel places in his way.

When Gabriel starts hearing voices in his head, he realizes they belong to the scientists who experimented on him. Worse, they’re trying to track him down.

With the past nipping at his heels, Gabriel and Laurie flee together.

Can they outrun the enemy? Can they save Gabriel before either his life or his sanity are forfeit?

And is Gabriel as helpless as he, or Laurie, thinks he is?

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Lab Rat is a disturbing and intriguing story. I recommend this to anyone looking for a dark sci-fi drama with some romance.
This is an interesting story, frightening and depressing for much of it, but at times also hopeful and romantic. Nephy Hart has done a great job portraying Gabriel’s mental and emotional instability. And the turmoil between Gabriel and Laurie takes the notion of romantic angst to a whole other level.
Overall, I enjoyed this story. I found it engaging but a bit drawn out. I feel it could have been condensed into a shorter book, and that might have captured my interest more completely.
This is not a sexually explicit book. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone looking for a highly romantic or erotic book.


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