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Title: Keep (Men Of The ESRB #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Hollis Shiloh (Spare Words Press)
Publication Date & Length: December 23rd 2015- 219 pages


Pete might always know when people are lying, but that doesn’t make him a good judge of character. Will he ever find a man who wants to keep him?

Pete’s the kind of guy who gets on people’s nerves. He can’t sit still. He talks too much. He doesn’t know when to shut up. And he always knows when people are lying.

While his talent wasn’t strong enough to get an empath rating from the ESRB, he now has a second chance with the new testing system they’re using. If he makes it, he’ll have some well-paying job offers from people who actually appreciate his gifts.

Maybe this time things will work out. Maybe his life will finally take a turn for the better. With some hot guys in it, too.

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ESRB stands for Extra Sensory Regulatory Bureau. 
In this book, the world has a bureau that rates a persons abnormal abilities such as mind reading, future predicting, etc. Well Pete, the main character in book 2 has the ability to detect lies. He can’t read the people’s thoughts, but he can get strong impressions of what they’re thinking. Pretty cool…and pretty hellish.
I’m not sure if I like Pete. I think I do, but somewhere in the middle of reading, I started to not like him so much. I felt bad for him. His ability was supposed to take him places, FINALLY, after all those years of feeling useless, but he didn’t get what he hoped for. Working for the police as a lie detector was killing him. Plus his relationships sucked. I felt for the guy, but he was just too all over the place for me to find common ground with him.
Maybe it’s because the beginning threw me off. His personality did a 180. I guess I can blame that on his depression, but really, like the police chief or captain said…he wasn’t TRYING to get to know or get along with any of the other police force. And Pete knew that. At least he knew he was on the road to self destruction.
Oh, and I think I was more devastated than Pete when “Jeff’s” true self was revealed. Man, I really wanted them to be together. I wanted them to be the main pairing, but that didn’t happen. “Jeff” started off sexy, mysterious…then he became a total A-Hole. Maybe that’s the real reason why I don’t like this story by the end. The guy Pete ended up with felt all wrong for him. Meh.
Still, I’m giving this a 4 because the author was able to make me FEEL for Pete. The emotions were spot on and convincing. I kept reading straight through, a part of me hoping that “Jeff” would redeem himself. Lol. No such luck.


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Hollis Shiloh writes love stories about men, also called gay romance or m/m romance, with the preferred genres of contemporary, historical, and fantasy. Hollis’s stories tend towards the sweet rather than the spicy. When not writing, the author enjoys reading, retro music, and being around animals.


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