4 Stars for Inhibitions by D.H. Starr #MM #Paranormal


Title: Inhibitions
Author Name & Publisher: D.H. Starr (MLR Press)
Publication Date & Length: October 29, 2015 – 52 pgs


Let the mask unleash your inhibitions!

All it takes is mask to release your deepest inhibitions.

Mich and Rhett are best friends, each comfortable with the way their lives have developed from teenage years and into adulthood. Sure, they’d had thoughts about each other, but friendship persevered and Mich hadn’t given too much thought about why they hadn’t taken things to the next level.

That all changes when Rhett pushes Mich into attending a masquerade ball. Once he purchases a mask for the event, he discovers he can control what others do. Rhett quickly masterminds a plot to give a few of the members of the A-crowd a taste of humility and the plan goes smoothly. At least until Rhett convinces Mich to hand over the mask.

What had started as a game turns into something which could change Mich’s life forever. The question is, will it change his life for the better or the worse?

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First off, I would not categorize this as a true story.  Maybe it could be a few chapters of a larger story about Mich and Rhett. That being said, it was a very short, very sexualized read.
Mich and Rhett have been friends forever, but I wish that we have more of a back story than just that.  While I loved how they knew each other so well, I felt that the mask was just tool in the story to create, what the author wanted to be substance.  When the ball is taking place, the “pranks” that are being played, first of all, are just starts of pranks.  Nothing is ever really done to them – but the end result is one giant love fest.
Then, when you get the two main characters alone – really, what it came down to was communication.  The characters’ ability to truly voice what they want.
I think the message of this story was good – do what is true to yourself and don’t follow the storyline someone else writes for you.


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