4 Stars for Illicit Artifacts by Stevie Mikayne #FF #Mystery @steviemikayne


Title: Illicit Artifacts
Author Name & Publisher: Stevie Mikayne (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: November 10, 2015 – 240 pgs


Jil knew her foster mother, Elise, was sick. So why does her death seem so sudden?

Unable to shake the feeling that there’s more to this story, Jil begins unearthing secrets. Her quest leads her down unexpected paths teeming with uncomfortable questions about the woman she thought she knew. Why does Elise have stolen art in her home? And where did she get the substantial amount of money she’s left Jil in her will?

Jil and her lover, Jess, are used to confiding everything, but Jil just can’t let Jess into this part of her life. As she gets closer to learning the truth about Elise’s past, Jil collides with memories of her own past she thought she’d let go. Did she ever know Elise at all? Can she get a grip on what she’s discovered before her silence drives Jess away forever?

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This story centred around Jil and a fascinating  mystery involving her foster mother’s shady past, art theft and some very interesting characters who were not always what they seemed.  Certain inconsistencies led her to start investigating, and as a PI she was well able to take on the task.  I enjoyed the unravelling of the mystery and it was well told and full of surprises.
Jil’s relationship with Jess, an in-the-closet Catholic School Principal, was tense and touching and I didn’t know where it was going from chapter to chapter.  I knew where I wanted it to go though.  Some steamy scenes perked up the interest level.
I enjoyed this book and want to go back and read the first in the series now.
Kitty Kat


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