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Title: House of Trickery (There was a House #3)
Author Name: Caddy Rowland
Publication Date & Length: April 29, 2014 – 197 pgs


Episode 3 of There Was a House saga, a continuing story of revenge and redemption.

Jamie has a secret. A secret so dangerous he hasn’t even told Phoenix. What’s the point? Without a sure escape, any retaliation is suicide—and he wants far more than retaliation.

He wants total destruction.

He wants every business associate, friend, and family member to know the dirty secrets of the men who cavalierly use him and his friends, all victims of sex trafficking. Those men are monsters, and he will make sure their brutal crimes are exposed to the world.

And so Jamie painstakingly polishes his devastating plan. He has the time and talent to pull it off. They’re so close! He can almost taste the blood of revenge…but any chance of safe escape continues to elude them all.

There has to be a way out of this hellish nightmare, a final piece in this puzzle of survival. That piece needs to fall into place soon. Hope is fading fast.

**Content Warning: This book contains adult themes and scenes that deal with a difficult topic.

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I think this is my favorite installation of this series so far. The plot was moving and we learn a lot about the characters as we move closer and closer to the escape.
We learn that Jamie is much more than the Peter Pan look a like. Antoine makes a critical error in leaving for a month.
This is also the hardest review to write without giving anything away. I’ll just say that things are finally taking shape and we meet a couple new characters that are essential to the next book.
I will say that I am a bit worn out about hearing how Jamie looks like Peter Pan as its been mentioned a million times in the past. I was also thoroughly sickened by the plot going around Amy and her men, but that is the worst part of these books… people out there are truly like these men that make my skin crawl.


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Caddy has always been a nonconformist. She likes to push the proverbial envelope when it comes to characterization and world building. Heroes have warts; villains have soft spots. Main characters don’t always learn their lessons because all too often we don’t, either. There isn’t always a happy ending, but sometimes there is. Otherwise she’d be predictable.

She writes for readers who like to think and feel; who like their stories to be raw, graphic, unpredictable, “real” and sometimes brutal. For readers who like their boundaries challenged; to be shown how rarely life decisions are truly black and white, but instead shades of grey.

Think of a carnival midway with books instead of rides. She asks you make sure you’re the minimum height if you plan on riding alone. You must also leave prejudices and inhibitions behind the entry gate. If you can’t, Rowland’s reads might be a tad much for you. Don’t worry. There are plenty of safer reads out there. Just step out of the line and find a more appropriate book for your reading enjoyment.

No, Caddy Rowland’s novels aren’t for everyone. But then again, they just might be for you.


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