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Title: House of Pain (There was a House #2)
Author Name: Caddy Rowland
Publication Date & Length: March 19, 2014 – 211 pgs


Episode 2 of There Was a House saga, a continuing story of revenge and redemption.

The need for revenge boils in Phoenix’s veins. It’s been almost two years since Antoine Chevalier abducted her, with the intent of prostituting her at Rêve, his illegal brothel in New Orleans. At least she has convinced him of her love and loyalty, becoming his lover and house manager instead of one of the whores. Still, she won’t rest until Antoine, his house, and his sickest customers are destroyed.

Jamie has his own issues to worry about. Dumped off and abandoned at Rêve by his homophobic father, he must allow himself to be prostituted or be sold off to be used on the streets of a city like New York, where he’d end up whoring anyway. If he and Phoenix can convince Antoine there’s money to be made by having him available, Jamie will do everything in his power to stay where it’s much safer. He’ll make damn sure to play the role of flaming queen to the hilt. With his delicate Peter Pan looks, who would expect much else? There’s no need to show the real person behind the façade—not until he knows for sure how deeply he can trust Phoenix.

Jamie is the wildcard. He’ll be integral in taking Antoine down, Phoenix is sure of it; and who would suspect such a sweet looking pretty boy?

If only opportunity would present itself.

**Content Warning: This book is a drama meant for those over 18 and contains explicit scenes. Therefore, it contains adult themes and scenes which deal with a difficult topic.

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I was hoping that this book would be the escape for Phoenix since that was the main focus of book one… sadly, it wasn’t.
There is still no plan in the work, however, the saving grace for me is that we do find out that someone isn’t all that they appear. Although we don’t find out until the end, it bumped the book up almost a full star for me. Plus, it makes me eager to read the next installation to see where things are going to go now that we know this little tidbit.
There is some harder situations that we have to see the kids go through in this one than we did in the first book, but I was still disappointed that we are still mainly focused on their escape for another full novel, yet not any closer (for the majority of the book).
I also didn’t care for how the book jumped from third person to first person at random times. Sometimes it was thoughts, but others were not. There is also an odd chapter number system where we would go from one person’s POV for a couple chapters to another for a few to everyone for a few. I’d much rather have gotten just one person’s POV the entire way even if it was third person.
As I said, because of the new fact we find out literally the last few paragraphs, I can’t wait to see where the next book goes.


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The drama of humanity. We live, die, love, hate, win and lose in a never-ending variety of ways. Often those ways are heart-wrenching. Other times they are not.

Why do people make the choices they do? Why do some abuse power? How do the powerless learn to survive? Why do a few dare to be different, while others conform—and why are so many disturbed by those who don’t?These are the questions that have always haunted author Caddy Rowland. Those questions keep her pounding away at her keyboard, creating novels showcasing the sublime joy and bitter tragedy of being human.

Caddy has always been a nonconformist. She likes to push the proverbial envelope when it comes to characterization and world building. Heroes have warts; villains have soft spots. Main characters don’t always learn their lessons because all too often we don’t, either. There isn’t always a happy ending, but sometimes there is. Otherwise she’d be predictable.

She writes for readers who like to think and feel; who like their stories to be raw, graphic, unpredictable, “real” and sometimes brutal. For readers who like their boundaries challenged; to be shown how rarely life decisions are truly black and white, but instead shades of grey.

Think of a carnival midway with books instead of rides. She asks you make sure you’re the minimum height if you plan on riding alone. You must also leave prejudices and inhibitions behind the entry gate. If you can’t, Rowland’s reads might be a tad much for you. Don’t worry. There are plenty of safer reads out there. Just step out of the line and find a more appropriate book for your reading enjoyment.

No, Caddy Rowland’s novels aren’t for everyone. But then again, they just might be for you.


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