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Title: Hay and Heartbreak (Mossy Glenn Ranch #7)
Author Name & Publisher: Bailey Bradford (Pride Publishing)
Publication Date & Length: September 27, 2015 – 176 pgs


There’s more than one way to imprison a man.

Daniel Edmonds spent almost a decade in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. After finally having his name cleared, he’d hoped things would get easier, but people still look at him like he’s a murderer, and talk about him in hushed voices as he walks past. When he discovers that he really can’t go home again, he has to decide what to do to survive.

Adapting to the outside world isn’t easy, especially for a man alone.

Fear of temptation to fall back into his old ways scares Daniel into near-seclusion. When given the chance to help his brother Duke and brother-in-law, Frankie, Daniel agrees. His pride takes a hit when he has to let them buy his plane ticket to Montana, but Daniel’s learning that family is more important than anything else.

That’s what he tells himself, although maybe he’s running, just a little, and not just trying to help Duke and Frankie. One thing is for certain—he doesn’t mind spending a little time on the Mossy Glenn Ranch.

Hector Gallegos works hard and keeps his head down. He hasn’t been interested in more than the occasional hook-up here and there. He’s growing tired of that lifestyle, though, after seeing so many happy couples—and one treble—at the Mossy Glenn.

When Dan Edmonds shows up to visit his brother, Duke, Hector can’t help but notice the man. Dan’s scarred face doesn’t dim the attraction that immediately flares between him and Hector.

Lust comes easy, but building something that will last is a challenge.

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Oh man, I love the Mossy Glenn series and I did a little jig when I got to read it in exchange for an honest review before it was published. Wheeeeeeeeeee!!
So Book 7 of the Mossy Glenn series is about ranch hand Hector Gallegos and Daniel Edmonds (Duke’s mysterious younger brother) Let’s start with Daniel.
Oh Daniel, poor poor Daniel was framed for a murder by a rotten detective. It took over a decade before he was proven innocent. He went in when he was like 17-18 years old. The thing about Daniel though, he admits his faults. Before he went to jail, he was doing drugs and was going down hill, which made framing him so easy. He even admits that he may have ended up in jail for some reason anyway, not murder, but drug possession or something. He was a victim, but he wasn’t innocent so he wasn’t all like “Woe Is Me!! Boo-Hoo”. Jail time really saved his life, ironically. It sucked that years of his life was wasted, but he came out a better person even though he has scars on his face cause some jerk wanted to claim him.
Hector, I liked Hector. His attraction to Daniel started way before he met Daniel in person. Hector saw a picture of Dan, who looked all shy and barely showed his face cause of the scars, yet Hector was smitten. Then months later he meets Daniel and that’s all she wrote. Bad circumstance brought them together, but they made the most of it. I liked how they were upfront with each other from the beginning. There may have been misunderstandings here and there but for the most part, they worked things through. Even when Hector found out that Daniel was in jail before coming to the ranch.
I like reading a story where I can FEEL the character’s attraction to each other, not just told. The author does such a good job with emotions, so 5 STARS.


Well I have not read much cowboy m/m books before and it looks like I have been missing out!
Dan having to go through that much time in jail for something you never did and the things you had to do to survive.  I felt so bad for his character to have to live with those scars for the rest of your life for something you never did.
Then there was Hector..Big strong cowboy who goes after what he wants and that is Dan. How he loved Dan for who he was inside.  I really liked his character.
There was also some very hot scenes in this book!
So all together I really liked this book!


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