4 stars for Haunted Hotties Volume 2 #MM #FF #anthology McKay, Rob Rosen, Dakota Caudill, Elizabeth Coldwell, Jessica Payseur, Jessica Chase, Louisa Bacio, Charles Payseur, Helena Maeve, Avery Dawes @torquere


Title: Haunted Hotties Volume 2
Author Name & Publisher: McKay, Rob Rosen, Dakota Caudill, Elizabeth Coldwell, Jessica Payseur, Jessica Chase, Louisa Bacio, Charles Payseur, Helena Maeve, Avery Dawes (Torquere Press)
Publication Date & Length: Oct 28, 2015 — 63,000 words


This Halloween collection has a little something for everybody. With demons, ghosts, psychics, reapers, shifters, and witches… a rainbow of paranormal/supernatural is included.


In Everything a Big Bad Wolf Could Want by McKay, Whimsy has to decide if he’s in love with his straight, next-door neighbor by Halloween or risk losing him forever. In Casper the Horny Ghost by Rob Rosen, Chris not only inherited a long-abandoned house, he also inherited the ghost that came with it. In Necromantic by Dakota Caudill, Kaitlyn’s always felt like she was waiting for something, but she never expected her new girlfriend to be able to raise the dead. In The Man in Green by Elizabeth Coldwell, Richard intends to cut down all the trees surrounding his new property, but the man in the woods has other ideas. In Haunts Old and New by Jessica Payseur, Rosalie doesn’t like the new ghost that’s in her house and yet, she can’t seem to stay away from her. In The Fisher Lot by Jessica Chase, it turns out being dared to spend the night in the local “haunted house” might be the best thing that’s ever happened to Barney.


In Open by Louisa Bacio, Martina keeps trying to pretend that everything is fine, but the ghosts in her new B&B are just as determined to get her attention. In A Friendly Ghostbusting by Charles Payseur, an old rival who once humiliated him is not what Cas needs as he sets out to explore an old psychiatric prison. In Darkling by Helena Maeve, Eugene tried to warn Caleb and his friends away from Ledwich University and soon enough they’ll learn… they really should have listened. In The Devil’s in the Details by Avery Dawes, since they died during the Civil War, Oliver and Francis get one night a year together; but they have to be careful or they’ll never get another one.



Everything a Big Bad Wolf Could Want by Mckay ~ M/M Rating: 4 Stars
I thought this story was really sweet and cute but I have to be honest when I say I am really not a huge fan of stories that wrap up to neatly and to me at least this one did. I think I needed a little more to believe Harlan and Whimsy were meant to be together.  But other then that I thought this story was sweet and I did like it.
Casper The Horny Ghost by Rob Rosen~ M/M  Rating: 3
So I am not really sure how these two characters are related but them constantly calling each other cousin while doing things honestly creeped me out and brought this story down for me.  So you get Chris who moved into a old house he inherited that was also occupied by Casper yes his name is Casper lol who is a ghost and a distant 2nd cousin I believe but I am not really sure.  Casper is a man/ghost who I am not really sure how he died but he visits Chris regularly and they experiment. So it was a cute story but the whole cousin thing through me of and I am ad to say this story was not for me.
Necromantic by Dakota Caudill ~ F/F Rating: 4 Stars
This story was just Wow! Kat worked in a coffee place when she meets Emily. They agree to meet at a graveyard “awesome first date right” lol.  Then Emily tells Kat she is a necromancer.  They grow closer together then in comes the twist and I cant say anymore without giving this whole story away. All together I really liked this story.
The Man in Green by Elizabeth Coldwell~ M/M Rating: 3 Stars
So I really did not get the Halloween theme with this story.. Robert is building a hotel and golf course and Jay is the green man who protects the woods. Jay tries to Change Robert’s mind about cutting down trees for his golf course. To be honest this one really did not grab me at all so I am sad to say this story was just not for me..
Haunts Old and New by Jessica Payseur~ F/F Rating: 4 Stars
This is a story about a ghost Rosalie who likes to help people who are struggling in life. She meets Bailey who is another spirit that is following her girlfriend around. I thought this story was sweet and I really liked it!
The Fisher’s Lot by Jessica Chase~ M/M Rating: 5 Stars
Wow this story was creepy and so good! So Barney is dared to spend the night at a haunted house called the Fisher’s Lot on the anniversary if the night a girl died there.  He helps a man named Max who fell into the basement when a girl finds him asking for help for Max. This story was just so good and it gave me the chills when you find out… Something I cant tell you without giving away the story lol. All together I loved this story!
Open by Louisa Bacio~ F/F Rating: 4 Stars
This was a sweet story about Martina who lost her girlfriend and year ago and buys a old house.  The ghost there pushes her two call Leigh which is the ghosts granddaughter  All together I thought this story was sweet and I really liked it!
A Friendly Ghostbusting by Charles Payseur~ M/M Rating: 4 Stars
So while I liked the pretense of this story and thought it was really spooky I thought the main reason these two were brought together by the ghosts was kind of weird and one of those “really” moments. Beside that I really liked this story for its spooky factor.
Darkling by Helena Maeve~ M/M Rating: 5 Stars
Just Wow!!! This story brought tears to my eyes it was so scary!!!! I mean what is Eugene and just I have no words for how much I loved this story! This 4 young people get into a car crash well all they can find is a abandoned old school.  Well they meet Eugene there and the twist at the end was just amazing! Because I went from well this was kind of scary will reading it to completely spooked out at the end. I want to say how amazing the author did with this story!  My only wish would be that it was longer because I did not want to stop reading it!
The Devil’s in the Details by Avery Dawes ~ M/M Rating: 4 Stars
This story is about two men who died in the civil war and  are given a offer to haunt on earth and be alive for one day a year on Halloween but there was a stipulation with this author. All together i liked this story but the ending left scratching my head trying to figure out how they got there..
So all together I really liked most of these stories and thought they were perfect for Halloween.
I would recommend this book!


Excerpt from Everything a Big Bad Wolf Could Want by McKay


He rolled his head to look at Harlan, wanting to make sure he was all right, only to find Harlan lying on his side, looking at him. They gazed at each other in silence for a long moment, then Harlan reached out and stroked Whimsy’s cheek.


“My wolf likes you,” he said, his voice raspy with a strange undercurrent like a growl beneath the surface.


“That’s good, isn’t it?” Whimsy mustered a smile, trying to resist the urge to nuzzle against Harlan’s fingers. That wasn’t his right.


Suddenly, Harlan moved, and Whimsy found himself pinned beneath Harlan’s large, heavy, naked body. “It likes you more’n it likes Barbara.”


This close, Whimsy could see something feral in Harlan’s eyes, as if the wolf hadn’t loosened its grip completely yet, and he wanted to call it forth. He wanted to belong to it, and he was overwhelmed by a desire to show his throat and surrender that he’d never felt with anyone before.


“Maybe that should tell you something,” he said boldly. If he were a noble, self-sacrificing man, he would have extricated himself and encouraged Harlan to think only of his girlfriend, but he wasn’t that noble or self-sacrificing, and he couldn’t bring himself to feel terribly guilty about it at the moment.


“I like women. But there’s something about you, Whims…” Harlan bent his head and ran his nose along the length of Whimsy’s throat as if scenting him, and Whimsy shivered as he tilted his head back.


Whimsy shifted beneath Harlan just enough to seat Harlan’s lean hips in the cradle of his thighs, and Harlan settled there like they were made to fit together. Feeling bolder, Whimsy slid one hand along Harlan’s arm to rest on his shoulder, testing to see what Harlan would allow.


“Liking women doesn’t mean you can’t like men too,” he pointed out. “It’s not an either-or thing for some people. Maybe you like both.”


“Maybe I do. I’ve thought about other men before, including you. I don’t know.” Harlan released a long, slow sigh. “There’s a lotta things I don’t know these days.”


“I know I like you a lot,” Whimsy whispered, sliding his hand to the back of Harlan’s neck and stroking it gently. “I think we could be good together.”

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