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Title: Harvest Moon
Author Name: Megan Slayer
Publication Date & Length: November 20, 2014 – 49pgs


What’s a guy to do when the time to be with family is the time he dreads the most?

All Matt Green wants for Thanksgiving is to propose to his boyfriend in the most epic way he knows-in front of their families. There’s only one catch. His boyfriend, Reed Jordan, doesn’t do family gatherings. To be honest, Reed isn’t wild about Thanksgiving, but he won’t say why.

Matt’s willing to do anything in order to get Reed to talk, but will it make the holiday perfect or or ruin all of Matt’s plans? The Harvest Moon just might be the right omen to make everything all right.



This was a quick, fun, steamy read with a relatable theme—the tensions that can accompany family holidays. I loved the chemistry between Matt and Reed, and it was obvious how much they adored each other. The way Matt did everything he could to make better memories for the man he loved was very sweet.

There were only a couple of things I thought were odd. At a couple of points, the narrative seemed to contradict itself. Reed hid his past and complained that Matt got tense before talking through stuff (which implied Matt was the talker), yet then Reed says he’s the one who likes to be upfront. Later, Reed says he doesn’t have a clue what to do with kids, and he stands there watching his nephews (not playing with them), but Matt thinks he’s good with them. It was kind of odd.

The other weird thing was the whole supernatural subplot. It threw me—the story is listed as “contemporary,” and that part isn’t even in the description. And nothing ever came of it! It was creepy, but that’s about all. The story would’ve been better off dealing more with Matt and Reed’s relationship or the family drama and skipping the weird stuff.

Even so, I enjoyed the story. The sex was hot, the characters were surprisingly deep for such a short work, and the ending was sweet.

I give it 4 stars.



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When she’s not writing the stories in her head, Megan Slayer can be found luxuriating in her hot tub with her two vampire Cabana boys, Luke and Jeremy. She has the tendency to run a tad too far with her muse, so she has to hide in the head of her alter ego, but the boys don’t seem to mind.
When she’s not obsessing over her whip collection, she can be found picking up her kidlet from school. She enjoys writing in all genres, but writing about men in love suits her fancy best.
Currently hanging out every Wednesday and Friday at the Menagerie Authors site, hunting Hotties for the Saturday posts, and working on the next great story brewing in her head!

The cabana boys are willing to serve, unless she needs them. She always need them. So be nice to Javier or he will bite–on command.
She also masquerades under the name Wendi Zwaduk and is published through Changeling Press, Liquid Silver Books, and Total-E-Bound Publishing.




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  1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked the book. 🙂 There are others to go along with Harvest Moon. Frost Moon is the third book in the Moon Series and Blue Moon is the first.

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