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hakusan angel

Title: Hakusan Angel
Author Name: Alex Powell
Publication Date & Length: April 8, 2014 — 96 pages


Kaede is a Source, capable of powering a machine with her own energy, but she has been hiding the full extent of her abilities. Given the tenuous relations between her country and their rivals, she fears discovery of her full power would provoke the war that hangs over them. But others disagree, and firmly believe that power like Kaede’s is far too valuable to be hidden away.

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This was a great world. I was almost immediately sucked into the world. There were a few points at the beginning where I was confused and there was a whole lot of “level” talk going on, but that quickly subsided into the plot.

The plot for this one is fantastic. We’re dropped into the middle of a war, both politically and within the military. The classic pilots who get in trouble and the “officers” who always do the right thing and are snubbed. This novella has both the political, the action and the interpersonal relations in it to keep the reader interested.

My only complaints are this. There was basically zero description of the characters. If they’re human, then we need to know that. If they’re not, then that’s all the more reason to put them in. Secondly, and almost sadly, the romance aspect seemed tossed in at the end to appease the reader that yes, this is a lesbian novel. I felt as though it didn’t quite fit in with the timing of the piece and the characters. I would have preferred this book without it. There doesn’t have to be a relationship for a character to identify as lesbian. Also, the transgender/intersexed characters seemed tossed in there for no reason. If this is an alien world, then they wouldn’t necessarily identify in that way. I liked the attempt at diversity, but it seemed to fall short of being fully realized.
Over all, a great read, lots of action and fast pace to keep the plot moving.


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I’m a Canadian author writing for an LGBTQ+ publisher: Less Than Three Press. I currently live in Vancouver, although my hometown is Prince George, BC. I’m a true northerner at heart; I miss the snow and the biting cold.

I’ve graduated from UNBC with a BA in English. I may or may not pursue an MA in Creative Writing at some point. I’m currently working as a social media assistant with an ESL school.

I am pansexual and genderfluid. I’m out and proud in most places, although I occasionally forget to inform people because I’m bad at keeping track of who I’ve told. I prefer they/their pronouns.

I love reading and writing. I generally write sci-fi and fantasy, but I can write any genre. I like doing cross-genre works. I enjoy reading and may occasionally do reviews of works I have been impressed by.


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