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Title: Gatekeepers and Dreamweavers
Author Name & Publisher: Helena Maeve (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: November 11, 2015


Condemned for witchcraft and about to swing for the abduction of half a dozen children, Irene is bewildered when her noose breaks. Her only hope lies in the forests that have protected the women of her family for generations. But when a young man fleeing abuse ventures into her safe haven, Irene’s plans are suddenly thrown into disarray.

Too pretty for his own good, Simon Bonnay has been on the receiving end of unwanted attention for years. And though she may be a witch, Simon would sooner earn his keep with Irene than any of the men in town.

As a night of passion gives way to brutal morning, leaving a man dead and a witch hunter wounded on their doorstep, Irene’s secluded home soon becomes a pressure cooker of volatile emotions and sweltering passion. Old enemies may have no choice but to work together to prevent a greater evil – or die trying.

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I really liked this book!

You get everything with this action and angst plus so much steam between Irene, Simon and Lucas.
This starts with Irene on trial for witchcraft due to missing children. You see how unfair the witch trails back in the day really were with this book. She escapes and one thing leads to another and Simon shows up. The connection between Irene and Simon starts with Lucas who is a witch hunter later on being added after everything happens in this book. They search for the children that are missing eventually Irene goes off on her own where she is in danger. They eventually find out who is behind the abductions and why.

I cant go to much more into it without giving away a lot of this book. It was a super fast read but I really liked it and hope there will be more of Simon, Irene and Lucas.

So I will leave this review with I really liked this novella and I would definitely recommend it!



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