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Title: Gage’s Gift (Kansas City Heat #5)
Author Name: Jenna Byrnes
Publication Date: March 27, 2015


A child is snatched from her home, the one place she should feel safe. Will the KCPD find her before something more sinister happens?

Detective DeMarcus Gage of the KCPD Missing Persons Unit knows that most child abductions are perpetrated by family members or persons known to the child. True ‘stranger’ abductions are rare—and taken very seriously by the police. When eight year old Leticia Braden disappears from her front yard the family is ruled out as suspects but actual leads are few.

Her traumatized parents need all the support they can get, and designate Leticia’s uncle Jack Braden to be their liaison with detectives. When he meets Jack, Gage struggles to keep his mind on the case. The two men share an immediate case of lust, which they fight to keep under control for more reasons than one. Jack’s not out of the closet, and Gage isn’t keen about sneaking around. A relationship beckons, but finding Leticia is their first priority. And as every cop knows, time is not on their side.

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This is book 5 in the Kansas City Heat series but can be read as a stand alone.

DeMarcus Gage is a Detective on the Kansis City Missing Person’s Unit.

Jack Braden is the uncle of a little girl abducted from her street.

When Gage answers the call of a missing 8 year old, and meets the sexy uncle Jack, the attraction is immediate. However the priority is finding the missing little girl.

This might have been a short story but you don’t feel like you are missing out on anything. The author is knowledgeable about police terms. I couldn’t help being impressed with the professional attitude by Detective Gage during the investigation, even with his growing attraction to the Uncle. The uncle, Jack is not out to everyone, and he struggles with that secret. You can feel his anguish.

This story captures your attention with sexy, intense men dealing with a serious situation and resolving it in a timely manner. I would read more in this series!



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Jenna Byrnes could use more cabinet space and more hours in a day. She’d fill the kitchen with gadgets her husband purchases off TV and let him cook for her to his heart’s content. She’d breeze through the days adding hours of sleep, and more time for writing the hot, erotic romance she loves to read.

Jenna thinks everyone deserves a happy ending, and loves to provide as many of those as possible to her gay, lesbian and hetero characters. Her favorite quote, from a pro-gay billboard, is “Be careful who you hate. It may be someone you love.”


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