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Title: Fragile Wings
Author Name & Publisher: Rebecca S. Buck (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: January 19th 2016- 240 Pages


Evelyn Hopkins leaves everything she knows and heads to London at the height of the Roaring Twenties, intent upon living her life to the fullest. But will the dark cloud of the Great War keep her from happiness and love?

Edward Hopkins returned from the war, but he is a shadow of his former self, broken by his experiences. His sister makes him a promise: to live her life well enough for both of them. London is a colorful world of jazz, fashion, and opportunities for lust and romance at every turn. When Evelyn meets handsome, eccentric Jos—with her butch style and gentle manner—she knows true attraction for the first time. But can love sustain them through tragedy and carry Evelyn into a new life she can be proud of?

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Evelyn promises her war injured brother that she’ll escape to London and a new life for both
of them.  After returning shell-shocked from the First World War  Edward Hopkins barely speaks and lives a quiet reclusive life.  He persuades Evie to go and live her dreams away from the boring routine and stifling environment of her home town in rural Devon.  She takes a letter with her that Edward brought back from the War to the family of the dying man who wrote it and is welcomed into their home.  Life in posh Mayfair is so different and brings her into contact with people she could never imagine mixing with.  At a modern jazz club she meets butch and beguiling Jos, a theatre set designer.  Feelings are awakened in her that she never even knew existed and she willingly enters a new world where passion and love seem so right.
I loved this book and found the story fascinating.  The descriptions of London in the 1920s from the point of view of a innocent, naive young woman seeing it for the first time were spot on.  Evie’s experiences were well told and I felt totally immersed in that world.  The group of people she met were well rounded characters and helped the reader understand how life was changing for so many groups in society after the Great War.  Some characters started out very sympathetic and fun but were ultimately shown to be damaged too.  Soldiers weren’t the only ones scarred by their experiences.
The growing love story between Evie and Jos was tender but full of pitfalls.  Jos had issues to deal with that made her hold back and Evie was entering a world that would make her an outcast in some people’s eyes.  Would their love be able to withstand all of this?  I enjoyed finding out and really liked both lead characters.   A great read.
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Born in Nottingham, England, Rebecca’s life has taken a few twists and turns, including a spell working as a private tutor in eastern Slovenia, but now she is back in her homeland again and working in the education sector of the museum and heritage industry. She returned to England in 2010, around the time her first novel was published. Her second novel, Ghosts of Winter, was shortlisted for a Lambda Literary Award. History is her passion and she has several historical works currently in progress.
Rebecca lives just outside of Nottingham, with her partner.


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