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Title: Fairy Compacts: The Trilogy
Author Name: Katey Hawthorne
Publication Date & Length: March 24, 2015 – 172 pgs


Aeron stepped through the tear in the worldfabric to meet his destiny at last. Instead, he found a shy young forest-priest with halting speech and a ridiculous smile—who claimed to know absolutely nothing about why his voice had been stuck in Aeron’s head for decades. Not to mention why they both have the strange feeling they’ve been bound, somehow, for a very long time.

Tammas tries his hardest to unravel this riddle—and not to be too pleased by Aeron’s presence. That voice in his head was his only friend for long years, and Aeron’s magic both complements and augments his own in the most beautiful ways. But just as their affection for each other is deepening, they discover the origin of the bond is darker than either of them imagined.

In this omnibus edition of all three Fairy Compacts novellas, follow the adventures of the earnest, mendicant mortal Tam and the snarky, winged fairy Aeron. Together, they navigate their growing affection and the sins of their parents in The Dangers of Fairy Compacts; investigate fae court intrigue and the unsettling practice of thralldom in Life as a Fairy Thrall; and face their own greatest fears and mortal prejudices to fight for their home in Fairy Bound.

Life as a Fairy Thrall and Fairy Bound contain beautiful illustrations by Ruxandra Lache.

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The Fairy Compacts is a superb trio of stories—self-contained and connecting. It’s a love story between Tammas, a big, hairy mortal (loved that) and Aeron, a fairy as beautiful as your imagination, wings and all. This is my first fairy story. What a great introduction to the genre!
There’s treachery and conflict and angst, and family relations and friends. I loved being swept up in this story. I was eager for each chapter. The writing itself is superb and evocative. It’s a romp, but there’s a serious, literary undertone.
Katey Hawthorne doesn’t seem to have a lot of reviews at Amazon. She deserves to be a much bigger talent. This is one of the top books I’ve reviewed for Inked.
One star off, sadly, for the sex. It’s plentiful enough, but for me, just not erotic. I wish I could say why. Just one of those things. The story more than makes up for it. Tammas and Aeron are sweet, compelling heroes.
The illustrations start appear in the second and third stories. I really like them. They’re faithful representations of the characters and capture great moments in the stories.
C.E. Case


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Hi! I’m Katey. I write superpowered and fantasy romance of an LGBTQIA bent. I live at Superpowered Love — kateyhawthorne.com.

I know, I know, it looks like I don’t read anything here at GoodReads. But I do, I swear. My reviews and stuff are all over at my other GoodReads thingie, KV Taylor.

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