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Title: Eyes On Sparrow
Author Name & Publisher: Evan Gilbert (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length:December 30th 2015 – 67 pages


High school grad Morgan Breck is riding out his last summer at home before he goes off to pursue the course of study his parents want him to take—at a college they want him to attend. His days are boring and lonely until a construction crew arrives to build a house across the street.

One of the workers is the sexy Sparrow Smith, and he quickly catches Morgan’s eye. Morgan is surprised to discover he and Sparrow share a mutual attraction; one that leads to smoking hot sex, the kind that leaves the room sweltering.

The guys’ friends-with-benefits relationship soon grows into something more, and Morgan realizes he can’t live without Sparrow. But summer’s end is rapidly approaching, and his parents are determined he leave for college, which will take him hundreds of miles away from the man he’s falling in love with.

Standing up to his parents has never been easy. In fact, Morgan’s never done it before. Ever. Morgan must work up the courage to voice his needs, or he’ll have no choice but to let Sparrow go.

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I really thought this book was sweet.  It was not a true coming of age book, but both characters grew throughout the story and each were on their own separate journey.

I love the puppy love that Morgan had for Sparrow.  It was fun and brought me back to those high school years when you would watch someone from afar.

Their chemistry is great, their friendship easy.

I really was hoping for a longer story, as there is so much going on – I would even love if Gilbert wrote an epilogue and let me know the answers to all of the questions I have!

Despite it’s short length and unanswered questions, I did enjoy this story.



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Evan Gilbert lives in Memphis, Tennessee, a Southern boy through and through. He thinks writing is a pretty neat way to make a living. When he’s not writing, he enjoys, in no particular order, swimming, going to the movies, reading, long walks in the country, working out, and spending time with family and friends.

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