4 Stars for Every Unworthy Thing (Declan Colette #2) by Jon Wilson #MM


Title: Every Unworthy Thing (Declan Colette #2)
Author Name & Publisher: Jon Wilson (Bold Strokes Books)
Publication Date & Length: November 16, 2015 – 242 pgs


Gay PI Declan Colette finds himself in the middle of a gang war between resurgent Japanese mobsters and the black gangsters who expanded operations during World War II. Complicating matters is crime boss Max Harrold. Whether he’s stoking the fires of racial hostility or not, Harrold is definitely making things difficult for Colette, shanghaiing the detective and planting the body of a murdered Japanese gangster in Colette’s office. Now Colette’s only hope is to find the kidnapped daughter of a powerful Japanese businessman and return her home safely. And he has to do it with criminals standing in his way and police hot on his tail.

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Gay private investigator Declan Colette is wise-cracking, noir first person. Which usually I’d roll my eyes at, but here it’s charming and fun. He gets himself into hot mess after hot mess. Every Unworthy Thing is a violent roller coaster ride. The mob boss is very Vincent D’Onofrio in Daredevil. The San Fransico cityscape is vibrant and alive. I had trouble putting the book down.
This novel is pure mystery/thriller. There’s no sex here, though Declan’s sexuality provides a nice undercurrent to his exchanges with other men.
There’s no elegant way to write this–the characters are drenched in racism. The mob war between the Japanese and the African Americans sparks colorful, historical slurs, and while I was fine with this, I’m not sure everyone will be. Definitely check out a preview. A few pages is all that’s needed to either say yes or no to this joyride.
I said yes.
C.E. Case


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Growing up, Jon Wilson wanted to be a stunt man, a professional wrestler or a rodeo clown. After breaking his neck in 2001, he decided writing might be safer.

He was wrong.

Currently living in California, he is occasionally hard at work on his next novel. He’s finished four: Cheap as Beasts, A Hundred Little Lies, A Shiny Tin Star, and The Obsidian Man.

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