4 Stars for Dreamsnare by Althea Claire Duffy #Bisexual #Fantasy @LT3Press

CoverTitle: Dreamsnare
Author Name & Publisher: Althea Claire Duffy (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date & Length: June 21, 2016


Once Kereda was a successful shoemaker, but she lost everything: her career, her marriage, her home. When her new roommate tells her a curse might have been haunting her all these years, she seeks out Serin the dreamworker to have it undone.

But the curse isn’t what Kereda expects—and she and Serin end up trapped in a twisted dreamworld, forced to confront their painful pasts together if they hope to uncover the plot against them.

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This was an interesting, engaging short that makes me want not only more in this universe, but also to see Kereda and Serin again. The two come together as a result of the machinations of Gilya, but her evils aren’t the only ones plaguing Kereda. As Kereda and Serin try to unweave the snare they’re in, they find things they have in common, things that bring them closer together. The end seems to come too quickly; I’d like to know more about their budding relationship. The end is slightly bittersweet; friendships of long ago have been destroyed while something new and promising has begun. Definitely a good story.


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