4 Stars for Dragonspire by Talya Andor #MM #Fantasy


Title: Dragonspire
Author Name & Publisher: Talya Andor (Less Than Three Press)
Publication Date: January 6, 2016


In the wake of his grandfather’s death and the unexpected contents of his will, Gideon abandons his career, cuts ties with his family, and heads overseas to figure out a life that has never made him happy. He settles for a time in Myanmar, content to roam the country taking pictures, carefully avoiding the dangerous local politics.

When he ventures into the jungle, he expects wildlife and possibly men with guns if he’s unlucky. Instead, he meets a princess who sweeps him off to another world, claiming that Gideon is the only one who can help her slay the terrible black dragon threatening her people—and if he ever wants to see home again, he has no choice.

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Gideon is minding his own business taking pictures when he meets a princess from another world who asks him for help defeating a black dragon. So he decides to help and goes on a adventure where he meets a lot of different characters.

Now I loved the world this author created was awesome and I loved the pretense of this story! I am a huge fan of dragon shifters so that was a big plus for me too. But I have to be honest and say I was not a huge fan of Gideon’s character through most of this book and I did feel like it took to long for them to finally get together due to misunderstandings and Gideon’s attitude. So it did make it a lot harder for me to believe they worked together well. That and I really did not like Gideon’s attitude for some reason it just really annoyed me after awhile.

You do get action with this book and a little bit of steam too. You also meet a lot of different characters too which I loved and get a amazing world that this author created too. I do not want to give away any spoilers so I will leave this review with…

All together I really did like this book I was just not a huge fan of Gideon’s character and how long it took for the two MC’s to admit their feelings for each other.



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