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Title: Dragon’s Treasure
Author Name & Publisher: Qaida Harte (Dreamspinner Press)
Publication Date & Length: December 28, 2015 – 200 pgs


College student Ahndrai has the ill fortune of falling into the grasp of an attractive, sadistic vampire. He encounters Eita, a vampire who lusts for Ahndrai s sweet blood and tears apart his world. Eita proves that every myth and legend ever written is only too real, and they are far darker than portrayed in any story.

Ahndrai must face a host of monsters that Eita allows to attack and kill him. Each time Ahndrai dies, Eita revives him so he can continue to feed off him. Ahndrai believes that every creature is as cruel and unforgiving as Eita. Then Nakiirn, a dragon prince, rescues Ahndrai. But even after Ahndrai overcomes his fears and falls in love with Nakiirn, they must both contend with Eita s cruelty again before the vampire succeeds in claiming Ahndrai once more. “

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So I want to start of this review by saying some parts of this book might be hard for some to read, I know it was for me so I just wanted to give a warning.

Okay I absolutely love dragon shifters and I have to say the way the author wrote these shifters in this book was awesome! Love the way that Nakiirn was so protective of Ahndrai who was his treasure.
Now it does go into a lot of detail on what happens to Ahndrai which I will be honest and say it was really hard to read and I felt so bad for him to have been tortured like that for so long and not only by the vampire but by other evil creatures too it was just so horrible.

I really liked these two men together though and loved the way this author wrote these characters. There was some action in this book and some steam too between these two men. I do not want to go to much into this book and give away any spoilers so I will leave this review with… I really liked this book!



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I’ve been writing for the majority of my life with the hopes and dreams of publishing and now here I am! I wrote a lot of different things, and in a lot of different genres. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I found myself drawn into writing gay romance. Coupled with my love for dark fantasy, it turned out to be a rather pleasing result.

On a whim, I decided to offer my manuscript to Dreamspinner. I wasn’t expecting anything out of it as I’d been rejected many times over in the past. It was right before my trip to Florida to see my parents, and on the last couple of days there, I happened to open my email and was totally blown out of the water! Dreamspinner had responded and offered me a contract.

I can’t describe how excited I was. The happiness that filled my chest! I still can’t believe it, but here I am. I can only hope that you enjoy my work just as much as I enjoyed writing them. All support is greatly appreciated! Thank you so very much!

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