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0.2Title: Don’t Tell
Author Name & Publisher: K.A. Kron (Lethe Press)
Publication Date & Length: February 1, 2011 – 232 pgs


The last thing Gray Edwards has on her mind when she arrives for Basic Training is falling in love, especially with another woman. Annie Randall, who at first blush looks to be her polar opposite, turns out to be someone she can’t live without. Given the perfect setting for romance, with drill sergeants, other recruits, no privacy, wrinkled uniforms and days without showers, what could possibly go wrong? After Basic is over, Gray and Annie find themselves geographically challenged as they pursue their individual careers within the military structure. Gray jumps through all the hoops in hopes of becoming a pilot, along with Dani, who also just completed Basic, while Annie studies to be a doctor. When the schooling is finally over, the reality of their future sets in. Gray is deployed with Dani and Annie takes matters into her own hands so that they can finally be together. Nobody wins in this war, but they fight for what they believe in. K. A. Kron knows first hand about the faceless veterans who were trapped in a glass closet while serving their country.

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A very factual novel about life in the Army and how it affects not only your professional life but your personal life too.
This novel certainly made me think about some preconceptions I might hold about army life and how new recruits are trained. Although not necessarily changing my opinion it did make me more aware of why recruits are treated in  certain way and what such treatment hopes to, and does obviously achieve in many cases.
The novel also showed very accurately, and emotionally demonstrated, how being a lesbian in the army, at the time the novel takes place, was so unjust and impinged so dramatically on every aspect of a lesbians life.
I felt the novel was a book of two parts, the first giving the reader a very descriptive account of life in the army while the second part concentrated  more on the lives of Annie and Gray.
The very emotional conclusion drawing a sad parallel between how lesbians are treated in the army and how they are treated by some parts of society.
I found this book  very moving and realistic and poignant. It was well written and a book I would certainly recommend reading.


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