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Title: Crimson Mate (Of Blood and Spirit #1)
Author Name & Publisher: Nikki McCoy (Pride Publishing/Totally Bound)
Publication Date & Length: September 4, 2014 — 240 pages


A war is brewing, and a man born of two worlds holds the key to its prevention. Will Quinn allow Manning to convince him that love can exist between enemies before the coming battle consumes them both?

A centuries-old feud has pitted Ba’Kal–shifters—against Vam’kir–vampires. Quinn has suffered the pain of the ongoing contention in ways no man ever should. Once the respected son of the Vam’kir king, his life was forever altered the day his father realized a truth of which even Quinn was unaware.

As the Ba’Kal ruler, it is up to Manning to seek justice for the vicious attacks the Vam’kir have perpetrated against his kind, but his very beliefs are called into question when he discovers his mate is also his enemy. To keep Quinn safe, he must learn to trust in the impossible–that love might exist beyond boundaries, for failure means the end of his future and the rest of his race.

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FourStarsI really liked this book!  My favorite part of a shifter book is when the two mates meet.  The instant attraction and need to protect that they feel.  I have always been a fan of shifter books for those reasons.  You get that with this book along with the one who fights it and the perfect amount of angst.  Once I started this book I could not put it down.  Manning and Quin clicked to me, they fit together. Now I wish had gotten to see them as a couple a little more then I did but otherwise this was a good book!    I would definitely recommend this book!


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I absolutely love escaping into my own little world of words. Anything can happen in a book, but usually I find the book writes itself. It lets me know the pace and heat, and I simply go along for the ride. Of course, the inspiration of my family helps out a lot! They give me the humor, love and passion I pour into my characters, making them come to life on the pages. I always know it’s going to be a good book when I find myself laughing and crying along with the characters.

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